Keep Calm and Camp on!

The past couple of months have changed more than just our outlook on health and safety. Education itself is going through some rapid changes and not all for the worse. Holiday camps and workshops have really upped their game and kids are eager to pick up all kinds of new skills through various online mediums. The little red dot will not let even a crisis as big as COVID 19 come in the middle of some extra curricular fun. Check out the following online camps which are sure to keep your kids busy through the coming months.




With everyday life coming to a standstill with a global lockdown, technology has become a savior for us all. From tech-driven healthcare solutions to connecting with loved ones halfway across the world, the importance of technology and more specially the impact of coding is reaching new heights. With this in mind, Saturday Kids brings some of its most popular coding camps online. Whether your kids are beginners or a seasoned coders, you can sign them up for Start With Scratch (7-10 years), Back to Basics: From Zeroes to Python Heroes (11-14) or Journeys With Scratch: Create Your World With Code.
Dates: 11-21 May, 18-21 May, 18-28 May, 25-28 May
Cost: $280-$530



Let your kids (4-18) years have their pick of classes from Coding Lab’s award-winning curriculum. Beginners can start their coding journey with basic programs highlighting animation and robotics. Primary school going kids can hone their skills by taking Scratch, Game Development, Python and App Development courses. Teenagers and young adults can prepare to be future ready by taking courses ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Data Analytics.
Dates: 4-31 May
Cost: $476.15-$1,053.95



Especially curated for the May 2020 School Holidays, Computhink is offering an 8-day online coding camp to help little ones stay engaged in a challenging and fun way. Class sizes will be kept small and teachers will be present to help individual students and teach them new programming concepts. Sign up your kids today for Online Scratch Thinker (7-12 years) where they will learn to program amazing games and animations.
Dates: 11-14 May, 18-21 May, 26-29 May
Cost: $380




If you’re fretting about how to keep the kids busy once home learning ends, leave your fears at the door. Seeing as you can’t send your kids to the much-awaited Newton Show summer camp, the latter will bring you its camp (suitable for 3-11 years) to your doorstep. Register your kid for online science camp today and your child will receive a box with 100+ items good for a week’s worth of activities. Along with the box will come a time table which will inform the kids to sign online and and engage with a teacher and a small group of kids. Choose fro either a Space Mission camp or a Periodic Table Chemistry camp. Available for 9am-12:30pm session or 1pm-4:30pm session.
Dates: Now till 1 June
Cost: $300



Just because school will end doesn’t mean learning has to. Let your kids learn about maths and science through fun and engaging games. Kit Learning’s online camp will help kids collaborate with other kids and build team-bonding skills with supervising qualified instructors through face-to-face live streaming. Moving away from rote-learning, kids will learn to hone their logical thinking and problem solving skills. Using all the five senses, kids will take note of natural phenomena through hands-on experiments.
Dates: 1 June-3 July
Cost: $60-$600




Kudos to you for keeping your kids engaged even with a crisis at your doorstep. How about you let Impressions take over during the school holidays? After you register, a Camp kit containing all required materials will arrive at your doorstep complete with instructions on how to attend classes through Zoom. Simply sign on at the allocated time and let ur qualified instructors do the rest. Your kids can choose from an innovative art camp, a multi-activity explorer camp or an experimental science skills camp.
Dates: 11-15 May, 18-22 May, 25-29 May
Cost: $295-$415



Under the circumstances, we may not be able to see the sky as much as we would like but SRT’s Digital Camp is here to inspire your child to see the sky’s limit. Experienced theatre instructors will ensure your children will be actively engaged in a week’s worth of drama games and creative exercises. All of their hard work will result in a digital presentation for friends and family to enjoy. Choose from Chicken Little for 4-6 years old or The True Story of the Three Little Pigs for 7-12 years old.
Dates: 11-15 May, 18-22 May
Cost: $100-$150



Entertain your children every day of the the school holidays with a fun and engaging performing arts Holiday Camp by Evolve Arts! Whether you have a little Elsa or a mini Prince Charming they have a camp for you over the next two weeks of school holidays

Dates: 18-22/25-29 May

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