Management App for Centers & Schools

At Kindersphere, we believe children flourish in their diverse talents and creative capacities when the learning conditions are well orchestrated along with great teachers. Kindersphere App is the ecosystem to connect the children, teachers, centers, schools, enrichment vendors and suppliers onto a unified platform, that not only improves productivity so that more time can be spent on the learning experience, but also to drive a unified and effective communication and engagement among all parties.

Everyday, we see ourselves in the movement to onboard centers and vendors into our ecosystem. Along the way, we see the community advocating and becoming part of this movement. When the movement gets strong enough, it will be, in the best sense of word, a revolution for the industry.

Whether you are a tuition center, school or preschool operator, enrichment provider, merchant, or just need a few features for your business, let us know and we will be happy to assist you!

We can be reached at CONTACT US

It is not just a center or school management app, it’s an ecosystem! Our platform embraces the entire centers and schools ecosystems that promote collaborations and engagement with multiple parties within and beyond the industry.

You have helped nurture our children. Now let us help you!


  1. Center Management (single or multiple centers)
  2. Teacher/Staff Management (with import/export feature)
  3. Student Management (import/export feature)
  4. Parent Portal
  5. Notice/Bulletin System (with opt in/out and report functions)
  6. Customised Form Management (with export function for results)
  7. Leave Management
  8. Scheduling & Event Management
  9. Class Attendance Management
  10. Sign in/out System
  11. Forum
  12. Student Home Assignment Notification for parents
  13. Smart Resource Management (Photo/Video/Audio/Doc)
  14. Marketplace
  15. Invoicing System


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