Crestar Learning Centre - Jurong East

Crestor Learning Centre offers a variety of enrichment courses in Math, Art, Dance, Music, English and Mandarin. Their customised coaching based on their proprietary Development Assessment System (DAS), enables the teachers to adapt the lessons to each students pace in order to maximise the impact and benefits and escalate their performance. 

They have a wide array of dance classes including ballet, jazz, hip hop, Chinese dance, contemporary dance and even belly dancing. Their art classes place emphasis on technique and creativity using a variety of mediums in order to bring out the kid's inner Picasso. Their challenging Abacus & Mental Arithmetic course helps improve children's concentration and memory. The Mandarin enrichment courses include Hanyu Pinyin, academic courses for Primary students as well as Chinese Speech & Drama. 

Monday: 1pm to 9pm;
Tuesday - Friday: 11am to 9pm;
Saturday: 9am to 7pm;
Sunday: 9am to 6pm;
Public Holidays: Closed

Caters to Ages: 2 & Above

Prices starting at: 200-300

Programs: Enrichment, Art, Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary Dance, Chinese Dance, Music, Math, Mental Math, Abacus, Mandarin, English, Holiday Programmes