Evolve Arts

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If your child loves performing and being in the spotlight, check out the unique and exciting classes at Evolve Arts like Broadway, Perform Academy, Showstoppers and Commedia Dell’arte & Clown where they explore 16th century theatre style replete with slapstick comedy and circus antics. Evolve Arts is a performing arts centre for tots, kids, and teens offering courses like drama, singing, acting, dancing and holiday programmes. Dedicated teachers encourage kids to boost their confidence and exposure and expand their life and social skills. Evolve Arts also holds several theatrical productions throughout the year.

Caters to Ages: All

Prices starting at: 25-50

Programs: Early Years (Jesters, Piccolini, Merry Makers), Drama (Jolly Jokers, Punchinellos, Harelquins, Pierrots, Chaplins, Shakespeares, Comedia), Music (Mini Maestros, Treble Makers, Stomp), Musical Theatre & Dance (Showstoppers, West End, Group Singing, Solo Singing, Broadway, Dance Fitness, Perform Academy, Showcase), Physical Theatre (Commedia Dell’arte & Clown Junior, Commedia Dell’arte & Clown Senior,Commedia Dell’arte & Clown Pro)

Facilities: Street Parking

Chinese New Year Holiday Camp will run for the entire week Monday 4th to Friday 8th Feb with a presentation for parents at the end of the week.

5 out of 5

One of the best drama classes for kids in Singapore! The teachers are phenomenal and the kids have a grand time in the classes while learning tecnhniques for drama and the show they put on at the end is spectacular

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