About Us

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Kidslah is an online resource directory for parents and child-related businesses in Singapore. Our platform handpicks activities, service providers, events and products for children based on our 3 Cs – Crucial, Creative and Cool.

We started Kidslah in 2016, with a mission to highlight kids-related activities and gather them in one place for fellow 21st century parents. This was after a long discussion that we had with friends and colleagues one day. While we all agreed that it isn’t too hard to find things to do for our kids, there’s a lot of random searching needed just to narrow down the best activity that suits our kids’ interests.

And when there’s last-minute changes and our kids expect us to adapt on the spot? Every parent will remember the chaos when you have to placate an upset kid or two and find something exciting to do within the next few hours… we’ve all been there once before!

We want the best for our children, and for them to be able to enjoy and embrace all the colourful facets of childhood as we watch them grow. From coding schools and enrichment centres to climbing walls and giant playgrounds, our platform has it all in one place and neatly categorised to make it easy to navigate.

And because every child is different and unique, we aim to keep growing our offerings to include as many amazing options that’ll suit your kid’s interest, while providing as much information to help you save on precious time for yourself (and your wallet!). If you feel the same way, why not help us contribute to our directory too?

Join us on our journey to learn, play, share, shop and celebrate the best of our kids lah!