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kidslah is the go-to platform for kids-related businesses to launch their services and it reaches over 30,000 parents in our community, who regularly use our digital directory and services. Our parents are millennials, Generation X and Generation Z who live online and get their information through various social and digital media channels. With our massive social following, we can effectively promote awareness for your brand and bring the right audience to you. We have been used by kids businesses as a launch pad to educate, engage and promote their products and services on our blogs, directory and events pages.

We are selective in the businesses we curate, help launch and publicize on kidslah!—they need to be original, different, creative and downright cool. Most importantly, they need to be affordable, without compromising on quality. (Our platform is run by the very audience you are targeting–21st century parents of young children who have gone through the painful process of selecting the right activities, enrichment and entertainment for their own children and witnessed first-hand the difficulties in finding the right match for their kids.)

What are you waiting for? Join us! Ready. Set. GO Lah!