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Let’s Talk Trash

EYEYAH has worked with 30 artists from 12 countries to create a series of visually…

Apr 01
Keeping Kids Engaged

Are your kids bored at home with all their extra-curriculars and activities and sports…

Mar 03
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Stories from Around the World

‘Winning as parents means making competition fun’

From piggyback squats to language skills, every challenge is fair game in the household led by “Bababear” Imran Johri and “Mamabear” Ivy. But it's not just about the laughs –- [...]

Creating safe, supportive spaces for her students puts a smile on her face

To bring smiles to her classroom, Miss Amirinazeb D/O Aurangzeb tools up with innovative ideas for more engaging lessons and sits with the students who need more care. [...]

Go ahead and ‘play the fool’ in his Literature classes

There’s no such thing as being too silly in Mr Jerome Lim’s class – he gets students to speak up, embrace the creative process, and not fear getting the answers [...]

Where to next? His students turn into explorers when it’s time for Geography

Mr Andrea Brendan Ang Chin Wei delights in whisking his students from the floor of a rainforest one day to the heights of a volcano’s edge the next. Through field [...]

Art is Messi, no longer messy for her student

When her soccer-loving student stopped hiding his sketchbook from her, Ms Tsering Choden was delighted at the change of heart. To ignite a love for art in her students, she [...]

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