Healthy Holidays at UFIT

Each break, kids are encouraged to create some art, practice an instrument or brush up on language skills. Make this a unique one by letting your kids run some laps, do some push ups and tackle some teammates.  Added Bonus? They will have a blast while doing it.  UFIT Youth Academy is offering an Athletic Development Camp this week for girls and boys aged 7-18 years and a Rugby Camp next week (Apr 10-14).



Rugby enthusiasts will be able to learn from Asia’s top coaches and ex international professionals including UFIT’s guest coach and England Rugby 7s super star, on how to train and play like a professional through touch and contact rugby skills. Parents, you will be surprised to hear that your kids will be provided theory throughout the days and homework during the week as well. This will mentally prepare them to put everything into practice during a game on the last day of camp. Team huddle coming up!



Not every kid has rugby on his or her mind and that’s ok. This is where the Athletic Development Camp comes in. Over the course of 5 days, kids will learn and develop fundamental movement and sporting skills. Mornings will be concentrated on improving sporting ability through speed, agility, strength and mobility sessions. During the afternoon, athletes will get to work on their technical sporting skills such as throwing, catching and kicking, when focusing on a different sport each afternoon. In addition, UFIT’s house nutritionist will be onsite to provide insightful tips on maintaining a healthy diet not only during the course, but also for the long haul. So come on athletes, liiiiiiine up!



Strong As A Bull, Fit As A Fiddle

We say UFIT, you say bootcamps! But wait, there’s more to it than that. UFIT actually stands for Urban Fitness and its motto is not only to get fitter but to guide and inspire its community of members to make fitness a way of life. And this stands just as true for its kid members as well.



The Youth Academy, which is designed for 11-18 year olds, was formed with the thought process to help kids improve their sports performance and overall fitness and health while simultaneously having fun and making new friends. It’s supervised and run by instructors Tom and Joe who both hold Masters degrees in Sports Strength and Conditioning with a focus on youth development. While Tom brings his professional rugby experience to the table, Joe offers up close and personal interaction with tennis players, MMA fighters and rowers. They both combine their plethora of education, experience and passion to result in exciting and challenging drills over the course of the sessions. Each class begins with a dynamic warm-up consisting of hopping on a bike or a rowing machine followed by core stability training, resistance and body weight exercises.

The instructors close the session with a cool down. In the wise words of Justin Bieber, they will love “every second, minute, hour bigger..better…stronger..POWER!”


UFIT Youth Academy

1 Fusionopolis Pl,
Fusionopolis One,
Singapore 138522


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