Nature Makes The World Go Round

Summer’s rounding the corner and that’s why it makes it the perfect time to get up close and personal with nature and explore the opportunity of camping in Singapore! Singapore may be called the Little Red Dot but few other countries are filled with as much greenery. So take your little ones on a guided tour through a nature reserve or 2, enrol the kids in a nature camp, spend the night in a tent, or have a camp out in the park. The outdoor world is your oyster.


The Open Centre

The ever popular Mindfulness and Resilience camp designed for kids aged 6-12 year, is back with a bang. Kids will learn to how to communicate confidently with adults, how to interact appropriately with peers, how to deal smoothly with conflict and most importantly how to make themselves happy individuals. Camp activities range from mindfulness practices, nature exploration, creative, physical & experiential activities and lots of fun!

Cost: $680 (includes snacks and lunch)

Dates: 1 week camps available in June, July, August (9am-4:30pm)

One Day Nature Trip@D’Kranji Farm Resort

Get ready to experience an entire day surrounded by nature in a fun filled event planned for you and your little ones. After you reach your destination at D’Kranji Farm, you will be taken on a guided farm tour which will include a potting session and a koi milk bottle-feeding session. Enjoy a delicious halal bento lunch before participating in several engaging arts and crafts activities.

Cost: $40 (MuzArt members) $50 (Non-MuzArt members)

Dates: 17 June (8:30am-5pm)


This popular multi-sports adventure kid’s camp will expose kids (6-10 years) to a wide variety of sports through fun-filled activities in nature-friendly venues. Over the course of 4-days, little ones will have a blast while scouring their green surroundings and picking up new and interesting fun facts.

Cost: $100 (per day) $330 (4-day)

Dates: 18-21 June, 2-5 July, 6-9 August (9am – 1pm)

The Modern Farmer

With all the emphasis on digitization these days, don’t forget to inculcate your kids with essential environmental skills. In this 3-day camp, children (5-8 years) will not only be able to appreciate the environment better but also investigate how farming practices have evolved and participate in various green projects including planting their very own pot of herb. There will also be an excursion to a farm complete with a guided tour ending in a farm to table party.

Cost: $350

Dates: 11-13 June (9am-12pm)

Nature Keeper Camp

This 1-day camp is a collaboration between National Parks Board and Mitsubishi Corporation to encourage and increase kids’ (7-11 years) appreciation for nature and natural heritage. Camp activities will revolve around fun and educational activities including nature walks, games with nature themes, and indoor learning opportunities. So if you want your little ones to start appreciating their environment, this is the perfect start.

Cost: $25 (halal lunch, afternoon tea and all craft materials included)

Dates: 5/8/12 June (9-5pm)

Forest School Singapore

It’s time to exchange books and computers for trainers and hiking hats. Choose from either a 2-day or 3-day camp during which over the course of 3 hours, kids between 4-12 years will be encouraged to connect with nature and explore their inner curiosity and creativity. Camp Commanders Lea and Jerlene will lead little adventurers armed with backpacks and walking sticks in hand exploring ways to cross over muddy trails, run across wooden bridges and search for tadpoles in little streams. Registration has extended to 16 June.

Cost: $120 (2 day) or $180 (3 day)

Dates: 28 May to 6 July (9-12pm)


This 3 day camp will allow your kids a sneak peak into the life of the animals at the zoo where they will have close encounters with the animals and learn to care for the animals.

Cost: $340 (Child) 

Dates: 18-20 June 

Celebrating Wildlife Series: WHOOOO is Awake in the Gardens Tonight

Have you ever wondered what the Singapore Botanic Gardens looks like at night? Well now you can make a family activity out of it and head on down with your kid (K1-P4 levels) to get a chance to look for animals such as the Red-Legged Crake, Common House Bat and Four-Lined Tree Frog to begin with. Learn what all they do in the dark and more during a guided tour and participate in a craft making activity at the end. You even get to bring home your very own potted plant.

Cost: $50 (per child – inclusive of all materials and refreshments)

Dates: 7 June (4:30-8:30pm)

Adventures with Sara (A Guided Tour in Mandarin)

There’s always something fun to do in Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden and summer holds even more opportunity for fun kiddie activities. Now kids (K1-P6 levels) can join the park’s Botanicosaurus, Sara, on her adventure to find her friends. Be her eyes and ears as you travel hidden paths and explore new plants. And since this 1-hour tour is conducted in Mandarin, little ones will be able to practice their language skills as well.

Cost: $6 (Child), $6 (Adult)

Date: 8 June (10-11am)

Camping Spots

East Coast Park

Just a stone’s throw away (no pun intended), from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, East Coast Park is very popular and populated with aficionados of all sorts including bikers, swimmers, skateboarders, scooty riders and more. Once you are done pitching your tent in any one of the two areas where camping is allowed, namely Area D and Area G, you are ready to begin exploring your surroundings. Enjoy a soak in the sun, a swim in the sea, a short bike ride around the 185 hectare property or a lazy walk to the nearest hawker centre. Once night falls and most of the people leave for their homes, your camping trip will really kick in as you head back to your cozy tent. Lull yourself to sleep listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks. To begin all you have to do is apply for a camping permit from any AXS station or you can do so online.

West Coast Park

If you are a camping novice and slowly want to introduce yourself to “roughin’ it,” head out to West Coast Park. Unlike its massive 180-hectare counterpart, West Coast Park comprises of a cosier 50 hectares of which a big chunk is composed of various play areas for kids of all ages. Be sure to check out the Grand Lawn where many a kite will be fighting for the highest point in the sky. When your arms get tired from climbing the 2 storey tall rope pyramid in the centre of the playground, give them a break and rent a bike to go for a spin on a bicycle obstacle course at the eastern end of the park. Don’t forget to re-energize your body with lots of water. What about food you ask? Be sure to bring your own large package of healthy goodies otherwise the golden arches of McDonalds will be your only savior. As evening comes and the crowd begins to thin, head to an open space within Area 3 to pitch your tent for the night and get ready to count the stars. To begin all you have to do is apply for a camping permit from any AXS station or you can do so online.

Pasir Ris Park

Offering a bit more distance and tranquility then its afore-mentioned friends is Pasir Ris Park. Encompassing over 70 hectares, Pasir Ris Park boasts its own carefully preserved mangrove forest. Bird enthusiasts can take an educational walk on the several trails leading up to the 3 storey Bird Watching Tower where they can get up close and personal with the inhabitants. Pitch your tent in Area 1 or Area 3 and then head out to enjoy one of the many activities the park facilities has to offer, including pony rides, water sports, cycling and inline skating among others. If your stomach starts rumbling, fire up the BBQ. When you’re done for the night, roll down the tent door and crawl into your warm sleeping bag. To begin all you have to do is apply for a camping permit from any AXS station or you can do so online.

An Evening in the Wild – Night Safari

Everyone dreams about taking that safari expedition through the plains of Africa. What if we tell you we can give your families a little teaser while you’re right here in Singapore? All you have to do is trek to the Zoo Night Safari and get ready to be up close and personal with the park’s 1,000 wildlife residents. Let the Ankole cattle graze by your feet, take an exclusive guided tram ride, allow exotic animals to lead you along the lake campsite, and top it all off by enjoying a 3-course gourmet dinner inside Singapore’s first tipi tent. Welcome to glamping! Group booking minimum of 25 people.

Safari Snooze – Singapore Zoo

Another staycation in Sentosa? Boring! Make your next one exciting and unusual by camping out under the stars in the Singapore Zoo surrounded by not only your family but also the entire zoo wildlife. See the zoo under a completely different light. Enjoy behind-the-scene tours by well-informed staff, prepare to roast marshmallows over a roaring bonfire and then unroll your sleeping to prepare for scary story time! Minimum 40 people required.