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Die Die Must Read

Dec 01
‘Tis The Season to Take Photos

Holidays bring a mix bag of feelings, the strongest of which is geared towards family.…

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13 and ready for social media… or not?

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Ready to level up? Build your own game at school

Ask any primary school student what game they like and you may hear a rush of names from the popular to the obscure. But ask any Primary 6... [...]

There’s a top teacher in the house!

What is it like to have a top teacher in the family? The President’s Award for Teachers (PAT) recognises excellent educators for their role... [...]

Making materials sparkle in primary school classrooms

SPARKLE kits (short for Science Pack Activity Resource Kits for Learning) are part of a suite of resources for teachers in primary schools.... [...]

3 good money habits for kids – works for digital savers too!

In an age when a drink can be bought with just the tap of a card, how do children learn the value of money? As parents have the greatest influence... [...]

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