‘Tis The Season to Take Photos

Holidays bring a mix bag of feelings, the strongest of which is geared towards family. What better way to show your warmth, love and appreciation then hugging it out in front of a camera, and some lights and a few props and one good old fashioned professional photographer. If you’re worried which one is the right one for you, don’t fret. We’ve sussed out a few including some of the most creative, the least monotonous and the best all around.


Most Likely to hang these photographs in the family library:

Michael Gronow Photography

This talented guy received the Best Portrait Photographer by Singapore Tattler Magazine in 2015. Michael insists on pre-shoot meetings to discuss his client’s viewpoints and objectives before beginning the session. A master in the art of classical portrait lighting, Michael’s pictures showcase timelessness at its best.


Most Likely to make your baby strike a pose:

Little Ones Photography

It seems like sisters Kate and Emily were born to capture babies and children letting loose in front of the camera. Get ready to be amazed and watch your little one transform from refusing to unfold their arms and legs to laughing freely and shining wide toothy (or toothless) grins.


Most Likely to capture the best moments of your next party:

Ray & Mag Photography

It’s your party and you don’t have to take pictures if you don’t want. But you can get Ray and Mag to. This Singapore based duo is more than happy to arrive on time and work hard clicking photos and shooting videos to capture your and your family’s best moments. So don’t stress about the rest and enjoy your party!


Most Likely to put you right at ease in front of the camera:

Tomato Photo

Hart Tan is an award-winning photographer who doesn’t let his accolades get in the way of his work. His friendly demeanor gently nudges his clients to let their best feature shine, be it their smile, their eyes, or their all out persona. Hart loves shooting out of his unique shophouse in the Joo Chiat precinct although he is just a sucker for natural light and will be quick to suggest an outdoor session as well. Whichever the case, you will come out realizing you gave it your best shot.


Most Likely to pass these pictures from generation to generation:

White Room Studio

Photographers Dan, Elaine and Melody have transformed their intangible talent, passion and experience into poetic and beautiful tangible images. Last year White Room was awarded the most recommended family studio by Expat Living magazine. Located in a Peranakan shophouse, White Room Studio already exudes a classic backdrop, inviting families to create their own memories. Guests are encouraged to showcase their natural expressions while the photographer is at hand to capture moments of spontaneity. Get ready to make some history.