Are your kids bored at home with all their extra-curriculars and activities and sports on hold? Fret not! There are simple ways to turn time at home into creative, productive opportunities for your kids to learn, grow and engage. We have put together a list of home learning resources for kids to continue learning at home, pick up new skills and work on creative and fun projects.


Halftoys has won The Parents’ Choice Silver Award 2020. The varying series span from Savanna, Dinosaurs to Ocean that combines both educational and enriching play styles that comes with a 3D diorama landscape. The figurine has interactive magnets that hold the outer layer together in which the skeleton structures beneath it can be dismantled and reassembled back easily giving you an enriching play experience.

Khan academy has excellent learning resources for all subjects as well as templates of schedules for kids to follow for their home learning. Khan Academy has access to a plethora or topics and courses from Math to Science and Arts to Computing as well as hundreds of books and apps for kids.

Scholastic Learn-at-home website has free daily lessons for kids which include writing, reading, enrichment activities and even virtual field trips!  The lessons are grouped by class (Pre K – Grade 9) and outlines a schedule for the whole week with exciting content including videos, activities and books.

Common sense media provides tips and a plethora of resources for daily home learning schedule for tweens and teens. It includes link to the best educational apps and resources and sets out a rigorous and fun schedule for the kids for the entire day.

Pick up a new language with free, bite sized lessons from Duolingo. Get hours and hours of free language lessons in any language! Download the app or use it on the web.

Codecademy offers free, guided, self-paced courses to learn coding from basic computing concepts to learning any programming language you want. For more advanced programmers, they also provide Data Science, Game Development, Web Development and other courses.


Enjoy free subscriptions to countless education websites to learn science, art, math, typing and to read, create, explore and more!