Brain training is an ever growing phenomenon that involves a methodology targeting training of all 5 brain muscles including vision, auditory, sensory-motor, focus and emotional processing. These highly-catered approaches can begin benefiting babies as young as 3 months. So what are you waiting for? Put your right brain in, put your left brain in and get ready to shake it all about!

BrainFit Studio

Give your kids a headstart in today’s competitive environment by letting them boost performance and increase intelligence through high-quality neuroscientific cognitive learning programmes. BrainFit offers age-appropriate programmes, several validated by renowned institutions like Stanford and Harvard, for kids 9 months and above complete with regular evaluations. Cognitive skills that are essential for learning such as attention, memory and critical thinking abilities are especially highlighted.

Heguru Education Centre

Specialising in the right and whole brain development method for kids 6 months-12 years, Heguru Education Centre has won multiple awards for its successful customized courses. There’s a small window for kids to fully develop their right brain characteristics including speed numeracy, strong linguistics and mental concentration to name a few. Don’t worry; it’s not as intense as it sounds. Classes consist of high-energy lessons with numerous activities and games.


Combining fun activities and research backed methods, Sparkanauts offers purposeful play to kids 5 months and above. These specially designed programmes are aimed to stimulate your child’s brain to its maximum potential. Each child is evaluated according to his or her individual needs ensuring your child’s balance, processing and multi-tasking skills are boosted. Now your kids can have a solid foundation even before they begin school.

The Shichida Method

For parents with kids 3 months to 10 years, this centre, with 15 locations islandwide, offers whole-brain development programmes enabling their students to develop superb intuition, rapid calculation, and multi-language acquisition. Help develop tomorrow’s leaders today!

Happy Train

Gone are the days of a bi-lingual environment, welcome your child to a tri-lingual setting. Happy Train has specifically designed age-appropriate curriculums for kids 3 months to 6 years, motivating them to explore concepts and ideas through hands-on learning. With just 6 students per class, ample attention is given to each child thereby ensuring both stimulation and focus.


The teachers here believe that every child has untapped potential which can be accessed at an early age. Suitable for kids 3-12 years, iGenius offers programmes to harness each child’s brain-power to its maximum capacity. Engaging lessons consist of hands-on activities that will further develop visualisation skills, intuition and creativity.