Let the Birthday Parties Begin!

After school resumes and routines set in, a new anxiety begins forming when realisation of the oncoming kids birthday party marathon sets in. But never fear, you’re in good hands. Get ready to take notes as we dole out crucial information about birthday cake shops, venues, balloons and entertainers. You can also check out our directory for more options for party planners, party supplies, kids party entertainment, kids party venues and more kids birthday party ideas!


Party Planners & Supplies


Let’s be honest there are some parents who relish planning every nitty gritty detail of their child’s birthday party and there are some who could use…a little help. For the latter we bring you a list of our most popular party planners or as they should be accurately referred to, “guardian angels!”



MR Party

This is what we call THE one-stop when it comes to party supplies. Based in Singapore, this online store has got you covered on the entire party planning front. Whether you are looking for that particular banner, the right shade of metallic foil balloon, that hard to find cake topper or most importantly the crowd-pleaser goody bag, MR Party is the way to go.


That Magical Party

The unique group of dedicated individuals at That Magical Party are led by Danny Koh, a professional magician and an award winning fire artist and kids comedian. His enthusiastic team is famous for producing what they call “magical concerts” in which music, movement and magic come together creating a multisensory experience leaving its young guests in awe. During the special event and for the near future, it will sure to be referred as “that magical party.”


Ministry of Party

The name says it all. As an established children’s party planner company, the team at Ministry of Party works like a well oiled machine. From award winning entertainers, to customized goody bags and themed decorations to balloon installations, they’ve got it all covered. You can either call them or chat directly with one of their associates via their Live Chat tab on their website. Let the fun begin.





There are a lot of details to be considered when choosing a venue. Do you want it indoors or outdoors? Should it be big and grand or small and personal? Will it take place in a sports field, science lab or indoor playground? Don’t fret because our island may be little but it comes with hundreds of suitable options under each category. Check out some ideas below.


For Kids Who Love Horses and Nature

Are your kids tired of the same old entertainment when it comes to celebrating their birthdays? Well, they are sure to sit up and pay attention when a horse enters the room or rather the stable.



Gallop Stable

If your kid’s the kind who wants to keep a pony as a pet, a birthday party at Gallop Stables is right up his or her alley. Here, birthday kids and their guests can enjoy an hour’s worth of endless rides and for those little ones who are too afraid get on a horse, they can enjoy other activities like bunny feeding, carriage rides and arts & crafts. You can also rent out the Gallop Cabana if you want to serve your guests food and drinks.


Bukit Timah Saddle Club

Situated in a tranquil forested area, Bukit Timah Saddle Club is not your run off the mill location for a kiddie birthday party but a private My Pony Party is sure to be a hit all around. The birthday child and all his (or her) friends will have the chance to ride to their heart’s content while being supervised by a qualified handler. Afterwards, everyone can head on next doors to Rider’s Café for a hearty meal.



For Kids Who Love to Run (Or Skate) Around

It’s their birthday and they can jump, run and skate if they want to. Who are we to deny them such a simple request?


Centaurs Kids


Centaurs Kids

If you’re short on time but want to throw your child a party filled with fun and fitness, go with Centaurs Kids. Kids will have a blast getting their hands dirty while trying to overcome the next military-style obstacle in front of them. You can opt for either bringing your own grub for the guests or roll on over to neighboring Picotin Bistro and let them handle the rest.


English Soccer School

Some kids just want to keep it simple with a soccer ball and a field. Enter English Soccer School whose dedicated instructors are more than happy to help organize just this kind of birthday party. For $185, your kid and 16 of his closest friends can enjoy practicing fun football games and end it with a friendly match over the course of an hour and15 minutes. They will provide all the necessary sports equipment, all you need to do is bring the cake!



Skate With Us

What better way to spend your birthday then laughing, falling and ROLLING with some of your closest friends around you? Skate With Us will help arrange exactly this and more. Choose from either their East Coast or West Coast Park location and let the kids explore in a whole new way.



For Kids Who Love Lab Coats, Safety Goggles and Mixing Potions

Why not throw kids a science-themed birthday party and kill two birds with one stone. They’ll hopefully learn something useful and have a blast while doing so.


Mad Science


Mad Science

Kids can enjoy engaging and fun science experiments in the comfort of their own home. We’re talking demos involving magic, chemicals, bubbles and more. Don’t worry, a qualified instructor will bring his own props and equipment and make sure to clean up any mess. There’s more. You can also order goody bags with lots of educational goodies and be relieved of coming up with your own.


Newton Show

Make your child’s special occasion even more special by adding some fun science experiments in there. All the kids get a chance to participate in the discoveries, which are handled under the watchful eye of a qualified “Professor”. You can even order a science-themed cake from them to top it all off.


Kids DiscoveryWorks

Birthday parties here involve active participation in hands on experiments. Kids can choose from a dozen themes including Frozen, Lego, Space Camp, Minecraft, Space, Dinosaur, Angry Birds and more. What more can you ask from of a party which enables kids to play, learn AND have fun?!



For Kids Who Love Ball Pits, Slides and Indoor Play

Birthday parties don’t get easier than this. Food, entertainment and sometimes even goody bags are provided for. All you have to do is show up with your family!





Granted there are many, many indoor playgrounds across the island where you can celebrate your birthday, but each of them tells their own story and Kidzland’s birthday story promises to be ever entertaining. Covering a whopping 14,000 square feet, Kidzland has several different zones offering something for everyone. Build with toy bricks and make castles with artificial colored sand in Block & Sand. Play with soft shooters in The Forest. Unlease your creativity on touch screen tables and large display walls in the Magic Pen. Make sure you still have time to explore The Beach, The Arcade and the DIY sections.




Photo credit: My Little Giant


My Little Giant

Parents hold their children close to their hearts and children hold their birthday parties even closer to their own hearts. Let My Little Giant solve one of your biggest party worries by offering itself as the perfect venue. We are talking slides, tunnels, ball pits. More than the fact that it is an indoor playpark with countless activities to keep little ones screaming and shouting in glee, it offers plenty of extras including arcades and UFO shooters to keep older kids (and adults) entertained as well.



LOL Playland


LOL Playland

Lol Playland is an indoor play area featuring three different zones including a 3-storey active play gym for the older kids, a 2-storey toddler active play gym and a miniature pretend play house for the tiny ones. Choose from an array of birthday party packages including unlimited playtime, invitation cards, discount vouchers and options like party food, photo montage display and party games.





The birthday cake is one of the most important parts of the party display. Clearly your kid will have a million and one ideas on how the color, shape, taste and size of the cake should be. Allow specialist bakers to take on this burden for you showering you with their expertise so you won’t have to stress about it. Some of the favorites include The Patissier, Awfully Chocolate, Fresh Bakes and Little House of Dreams. And there’s plenty more where that came from.


The Fabulous Baker Boy

How can you go wrong when you order a cake from a place with a name like this? A bakery café located at the foothills of the lush Fort Canning Park, The Fabulous Baker Boy makes beautiful customised cakes that are touted to taste even better than they look!



The Cake Shop


The Cake Shop

The birthday cake is one of the most important parts of the party display. Let the team of dedicated and passionate bakers at The Cake Shop help you and your child find the right fit. Rest assured the freshest ingredients are used to bake all the cakes, ensuring high quality and satisfied guests.



Flor Patisserie

Make ordering a birthday cake as special a moment as cutting a birthday cake. Help your kids design their cake online down to the minutest detail (such as choosing cake toppers). Or head down to one of its outlets and a dedicated baker will walk you through the procedure of ordering the perfect cake. The fact that this Japanese-styled bakery uses NO artificial agents or preservatives and ONLY the highest quality ingredients is an added bonus.



Balloon Specialists


What you ask are balloon specialists? People who will offer you any and every imaginable concoction of balloons whether it’s a grand balloon arch, lines of balloon pillars, a grand balloon centerpiece or a detailed balloon sculpture. Of course the most popular request from balloon specialists is someone who can come to the party and make different balloon characters for the birthday kid and his many friends.



Balloon Blasters

Located in Pasarbella, this balloon company doesn’t know how to say no to an idea. They are ready to take on any challenge, specializing in customizing to each individual occasion. They will fashion your idea from a colorful array of balloons and deliver it to your doorstep. All you need to do is have a blast!


Loony Balloons

Tell me we have you with just the name. Founder Alfred is a multi-award-winning professional balloon sculptor. Whether your child requests something insane like a transformer, a Formula 1 race car, a white pony, giant candy house, or a simple sword, Loony balloons will deliver each time. FYI just in case you are looking for a magician, Alfred fits the bill for that as well!


Artsy Balloons

This is the home to talented balloon sculptors who will twist and shape balloons into basically whatever the party guest requires. Its talented team can also create amazing colorful columns, arches and backdrops including snow-capped mountains, luscious gardens and looming castles, transforming your venue into a field of wonders. Just to quickly add, Artsy Balloons also offers a plethora of services such as face painting, bouncy castles, magic show and glitter tattoos to name a few.



Goody Bags


This detail may be little but it packs a powerful punch. Kids are literally discussing what the contents will be even before they step foot in the party. No pressure. Here we provide you with a few foolproof names who will help you assemble the goody bag according to your child’s dream and direction. Of course there’s Typo for teens, Toys ‘R’ Us for little kids, The Better Toy Store for the environmentally friendly. And we are not done yet.




There are few stores, which are able to cater to both genders when it comes to return gifts. Smiggle is one of those lucky ones. Parents will be able to find something for each child whether they are into stationery, games or tiny trinkets whose use is only understood by little kids. The fact that you can pack the goodies in individual little plastic bags provided by the store is an added bonus.


Bag A Goodie

This here is the perfect answer for those working parents whose computer is their best friend. Browse online and choose from a selection of bubble blowers, craft items, stationery and toys. You can then email your order and make payment either via paypal, bank transfer or cash on delivery. Opt for either direct delivery to your doorstep for a minimal fee, by post or collection at a pre-arranged spot.


The Party Stuff

If you thought the Tan Boon Liat building on Outram Road just had furniture shops, think again. The Party Stuff is the ultimate stop for parents looking to assemble fun and creative goody bags. Browse from a variety of retro favours including stickers, tattoos, noisemakers, masks, tiaras, and wristbands. Add a few packs of favour bags whether dinosaur or princess themed and you’re gold.



And there you have it. We have provided you with an ample supply of ideas to assemble the best birthday party your child can ask for. Of course we’re only human and might have missed out on some minute details. For that we suggest visiting our complete birthday directory here!