ACT Your Heart Out

Drama classes bring it with a horde of goodies, mainly a love for words, respect for public speaking, and most of all self-confidence.  These are gifts that can’t be bought.  So this March, why not encourage your kids to get up on stage and grab as many gifts as they can.


Stage for Kids

Enrol your kids for a dramatic speech and theatrics program based camp. With themes like The Art of Saving my World and If I Ruled the Kingdom, kids will not only learn to open up their inner expressions through story-telling, acting and dramatisation but will also become comfortable with sharing their opinion and ideas via presentations and group discussions. Opt for either a 1-day or 5-day session, lasting a few hours a day.


ACT 3 International

ACT 3 International’s workshops encourage kids to make their mark and exercise their artistic freedom. For those parents with 2-year old stage performers, sign up for the Parent-Child workshop ME!, where you can dramatise together with your child. 3-7 year olds can enrol in 5-session workshops where passionate and enthusiastic supporters will encourage them to unleash their creative spirit and discover their hidden and unique talents.


Kids Performing – Academy of the Arts

It offers a plethora of workshops including drama, dance, music, communication and even a Direct School Admissions Preparatory Course for primary school students who are inspired to apply for an arts school for their secondary education. Let them truly make their mark this school holiday!


Centre Stage – School of the Arts

The name promotes the heart and soul of the school, the stage really does play a central role here. Teachers have been trained primarily as performers and hence able to teach their students in depth the numerous tools and applications of the performing and creative arts. Its week-long Holiday Programme runs Monday-Friday for 3 hours each day ending with an exciting performance.


Specialised Educational Services

The centre runs a Speech and Drama Arts programme that aims to develop literacy, communication and presentation skills of learners with dyslexia. This March break, SES is running a holiday workshop called Speak Up: Drama for Oral Communication, where over a 3-day period, kids between 7-10 years who have difficulties expressing themselves verbally will learn communication techniques with an emphasis on body language, voice and speech, vocal dynamics and expression.