Inside Out: Brush Up On Life Skills

Doing well in academics is no doubt important but so is utilising life skills in everyday routine. As parents we tend to emphasise the former and forget the latter. During this break, let’s turn that thought process around. Follow the life skills road.


The Open Centre

From 13-17 March, The Open Centre is running a 5-day Resilience and Mindfulness camp where kids aged 7-12 years can engage in various mental and physical activities to become stronger individuals. The camp’s creative and holistic activities will include creative arts, brazilian capoeira, yoga, horse grooming/riding, behind-the-scenes zoo visits, terrarium making, pet therapy and fencing. Kids will not only learn to understand and regulate their emotions but also apply their newly acquired skills to establish positive relationships and handle challenging situations constructively.


Molly Manners

Good manners will always be a useful skill no matter where you are or how old you are. Keeping this valuable tip in mind, Molly Manners will be running a 3-day camp for kindergarten and primary school children and a 2-day programme for teens. Classes will consist of fun hands-on activities and engaging group discussions all on the topics of manners. Ready to mind your P’s and Q’s?


The Little Things

Contrary to popular belief, kids’ cooking and baking lessons are not only about getting them to whip up scrumptious goodies, they are also about introducing their senses to explore the world of food and more importantly about letting them get their hands dirty. The Little Things’ 3-day holiday camp aims to do that and more. Kids aged 4-14 years are in for a real treat.


I am Gifted

As kids get older, they become more conscious and aware of the listening audience around them. Realising these growing requirements, this March holiday, I am Gifted is offering two separate 1-day Dynamic Presentation Workshops, one aimed at 9-12 years old and another one for 13-19 years old kids. Students will be taught on subjects such as delivering a powerful speech and how to act confidently using various teaching methods.


Expanding Emotional Intelligence for Kids Workshop

Kids today are keen for alternative learning methods. This holiday break, let the passionate instructors here teach your kids skills that will benefit them outside the classroom. From 14-17 March, Power To Yu, Inner High Living and What’s The Story are collaborating to bring your kids (8-12 years) a fun and functional workshop called Expanding Emotional Intelligence. During the 4-day workshop, a combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), dancing, mindfulness, storytelling and journaling will encourage kids to become more self-aware and empathetic resulting in overall positivity.