ART Thou Ready?

Adults are always looking for a sanctuary where they can let their minds wander, express thoughts freely and imagine without bias. So why shouldn’t kids? It’s only natural in today’s environment of “structured play” for kids both young and old to crave some artistic freedom. Enter The Artground, an inventive space for kids 12 and under to draw inspiration from various experiences and deliver creations using different art forms.



Founded by a “happy-go-lucky bunch of people,” this space, located at Goodman Arts Centre, offers both primary programmes and ancillary workshops, which not only familiarise children with the art medium but encourage them to become empowered individuals. Wait and watch as your kids begin to question, explore, appreciate and discover something in everything.



In the heart of this centre sits the WhiteBox, a performance space surrounded by light where kids can roam about learn and discover. There’s an area dubbed the Baby Stage where parents and babies 0-16 months can hang out and explore the immersive, multi-sensory surroundings fusing music, dance and art. Further on is The Good Garden where the enthusiasts at the centre can teach both adults and kids how many different things are grown and taken care of. And at the end comes the ground floor, the main exhibit space which is hungry to display installations three times a year.



This weekend, The Artground is offering an exciting line-up of activities and programmes for kids 3 years and above. In Little Green Thumbs, they will learn to enjoy garden inspired DIY projects in an urban garden installation. Wriggle and Giggle – Dance will get the little feet moving and grooving. In Shake it, Shake it, Move it, kids (4-7) and parents will dance to different themes. Arty Crafty will encourage kids to express their creative sides and there are other exciting workshops to explore as well. Did we forget to mention that all these great activities are absolutely free?! However, each programme has a limited capacity (12-20 children) so come early to avoid missing out on all the fun.



So take life by the horns and get ready to spend some quality time with the kids creating art and beautiful memories along the way.


The Artground

Block J #01-40
90 Goodman Road,
Singapore 439053