ART you ready for Camp?

March holidays will be upon us before we know it. For those of us who are not traveling, we need to start looking for ways to keep our little ones’ minds active and hands busy. Art classes are always a hit with young kids because they help them unleash their inner thoughts. Here are a few of our favorite studios:



An oldie but goodie, HiArt does not only offer art lessons but will familiarise your little ones to various mediums including Chinese painting and calligraphy as well. 4-day workshops are open for kids ranging from 4-12 years. With locations in Central, North and East, HiArt makes it easy for parents across Singapore to keep their kids entertained.


Art Boot Camp

You have the option of signing your kid up anywhere from 2 days all the way to 7 days, for either morning or evening sessions. While for the younger ones (3-6 years old) half days are ideal, the older ones (7-11 years old) will be more than happy to enjoy full days with lunch or dinner provided. With a horde of early bird and sibling discounts available, Art Boot Camp ensures you are getting your bang for the buck.


Rush Me Not Art Studio

The name says it all. Students are encouraged to reflect on their inner creativity and only then put paintbrush to canvas, or hands to clay or pencil to paper. Enrol your kids for 1-day workshops where for over 4 hours they will completely immerse themselves in some medium of art.


Little Artists Art Studio

Kids aged 4-17 years are encouraged to sign up for this Artrageous camp during the March break. Sculptures, sketches and paintings are part of the curriculum and even lunch break will have a splash of art thrown in with relevant movies being shown. Both half day and full day options are up for grabs. Be quick though. Spaces tend to fill in fast!



This studio takes the student back to the basics of an art education. Kids will be encouraged to use their 5 senses as tools in the discovery of art. Its holiday workshops are aimed at children of all ages and abilities interested in taking adventures, finding inspiration and using their imagination to create unique pieces of art.


My Art Pencil

Don’t be fooled by the name. Kids aged 4-16 years will be using more than just a pencil in here. Canvas painting, clay molding, collage building and print-making are some of the other activities included in the studio’s holiday programme. Classes are short but daily so the inspirational juices keep flowing. Watch out for more details about schedules and fees on their website.