P A R T WHY? Because You Gotta!

New year parties. Birthday parties. Holiday parties. Farewell parties. So many parties to throw and attend. Such little time to plan. The joy of a party brings with it preparation anxiety and catering woes. We’ll show you the bright side and throw you a few names who will not only help you plan your party but let you enjoy it to the maximum.


Ministry of Party

The name says it all. As an established children party planner company, the team at Ministry of Party works like a well oiled machine. From award winning entertainers, to customised goody bags and themed decorations to balloon installations, they’ve got it all covered. You can either call them or chat directly with one of their associates via their Live Chat tab on their website. Let the fun begin.


Party Mojo

According to dictionary.com, the word mojo means, “the art or practice of casting magic spells”. The staff at Party Mojo aims to do exactly this: ensure your guests have a magical time. And any company that uses the word “awesome” in its About Us section is well, awesome. Party Mojo prides itself on adding a personal touch to each and every event they plan. Their performers and entertainers are hand picked and their props are of durable quality and high on creativity. If you’re itching for a unique idea for a birthday or spring-is-in-the-air party, Party Mojo will be quick to suggest a full blown carnival. We’re talking mega bouncy castle, ringing game booths, free flow of popcorn, overflow of candy floss, sparkling glitter tattoos and at the end of it all…party comatose.


That Magical Party

There are some kids who are of “the bigger the better” ideology and then there are a few who favor “the small but personal” game plan. The unique group of dedicated individuals at That Magical Party will be a haven for the latter. Danny Koh, who is the founder of the company, is himself a professional magician, an award winning fire artist and kids comedian. His enthusiastic team is famous for producing what they call “magical concerts” in which music, movement and magic come together creating a multi-sensory experience leaving its young guests in awe. During the special event and for the near future, it will sure to be referred as “that magical party.”


JNR Entertainment

Touted as not only Singapore’s leading entertainment and events management company, JNR also claims to be the most affordable one in town. Because it aims to provide all of the equipment and entertainers in-house, it ensures that their clients enjoy value for money. So whether your kids want a karaoke party, a jumping party, or a traditional games party, JNR has the goods to deliver. If that’s too old school for you, step into the new world with laser lights, bubble makers, and snow machines. Party like it’s 1999!