Chinese New Year is a special time to celebrate with friends and family. What better way to spread the cheer and love than by sending your family portraits to your near and dear ones? I mean everyone will be dressed to the nines and on their best behavior so why not capture this moment for life! Bonus point: you don’t have to search high and low for a professional family photographer; we’ve already done the work for you.



TinyTodds Photography
Photo Credit: TinyTodds Website


It’s true that in this day and age of iPhones and selfies, anyone can claim to be a photographer. But there’s something to be said about letting professionals conduct your photo sessions especially if it involves little ones. The husband and wife team at TinyTodds are extremely service oriented and take the business of capturing precious moments very seriously. They also highly encourage immortalizing your baby’s cake smash, basically the epic moment when your child and his or her first birthday cake become one! All you need to do is sit back and watch.



Face SG Photography
Photo Credit: Face SG Facebook

Face SG

One of the first things you notice in a portrait photograph is the subject’s expression. So although parents are constantly taking pictures of their little ones on their phones, they don’t end up capturing the exquisite little details professional photographers do. Face takes it a step further by incorporating the latest natural style photography techniques with real background settings. Covering everything family from maternity, newborn, toddler and more, Face will be proud to capture some of your most precious moments.



Fion Boon Newborn/Baby Photography
Photo Credit: Fion Boon Newborn/Baby Photography Facebook

Fion Boon Newborn/Baby Photography

It’s fair that all you wanna do after your baby is born is stare at them silly. But how about having those breathtakingly moving moments clicked by a professional. Fion Boon recently moved back from Melbourne where she picked up the expertise and know-how to capture the amazingly precious moments of the beginning of your baby’s life, specifically between 6-15 days. Using only natural light, Fion supports her shoot with neutral colored props ensuring a simple and organic setting. All you have to do is bring your bundle of joy.



JollyJoy Photography
Photo Credit: JollyJoy Photography Facebook

JollyJoy Photography

This is the place to go for some good old-fashioned photography complete with giant plushies and retro toys acting as accompaniments to your little ones. At Jolly Joy, costume changes are encouraged and role-playing is a must. Whether you’re looking to capture the whole family, individual portraits or those rare sibling moments, the team at Jolly Joy is here to make sure you get what you want. Check out their website for special offers and packages.



Theme Pictures Photography
Photo Credit: Theme Pictures Photography Facebook

Theme Pictures Photography

Smile! Look at the camera! Don’t fidget! Do these instructions sound familiar? The younger your child is the more difficult it is to take their picture. No fret, this is where we pass the baton to professional photographers. The team at Theme Pictures Photography not only ensures that your children’s best moments are captured but they do so in a way that the kids actually enjoy. Go figure! The studio is regularly running promotions so be sure to check their Facebook page for updates. In fact why not get a family photo as a prelude to Chinese New Year, which you can send along with good wishes!



Espresso Album
Photo Credit: Espresso Album Facebook

Espresso Album Singapore

We can’t deny the fact that we are living in a digital age and tangible objects are fast becoming obsolete. But isn’t there something to say about sitting down with a loved one and turning the pages of a proper photo album. Espresso Album takes all your precious moments and transforms them using rich inks and thick art pages into a trip down memory lane. The 20-page handcrafted album includes a wraparound cover and is shipped to you in a Kraft box and calico bag with a hand-signed guarantee certificate. All this for $158! We couldn’t ask for a better deal.


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