For all parents out there summer holds a bitter sweet spot. While you cherish those late start mornings, you dread the mid day boredom and all but hyperventilate on the kids’ midnight bedtimes. And through it all you are waiting to hear those three cherished words: BACK TO SCHOOL! So let us reprieve you a bit more by providing you with an exact road map of what needs getting done from stationery to kids shoes, backpacks to lunch boxes and other school supplies.





These lifestyle marketplaces can be seen popping up like mushrooms across Singapore. Featuring cool and crafty products from more than 600 independent local makers from around the region, Megafash is a must stop for the true Singaporean student. Imagine if you will, bookmark pens, kueh tu tu erasers, singlish highlighters and wafer ice cream notepads.



Unique. Fun. Affordable. It’s very difficult to pass this store and not venture inside. And even more difficult to venture inside and not buy anything. Why not accept the inevitable and just load up on some offbeat stationery supplies.



So it doesn’t offer the flashy stuff but there’s a certain something about entering an old school stationery store. Bring out that school checklist and get ready to scour through piles and piles of lined notebook paper, files and folders and countless rows of colorful pens, pencils and markers.



Schocs ‘n’ Schues


Schocs ‘n’ Schues

Shop for fashionable and comfortable footwear for kids from the comfort of your home at this e-store which curates high-quality shoes and accessories for kids. For a nominal fee they can also bring a selection of shoes to your home if your little one is fussy and needs to provide approval prior to purchasing.



Granted a pair of shoes here are not exactly cheap but oh boy they are comfy. So even though it may not be the first stop for parents with toddlers whose feet grow bigger by the second, those with older kids can browse and be sure to find a pair that will end up being a sound investment down the road.



This name will never go out of fashion especially where school shoes are concerned. Whether your child needs a comfy pair of black ones or white ones, it seems Bata will forever answer this call. Of course we’re pretty sure every parent is thinking the same thing but with over 45 locations across the island, there are shoes galore for everyone.




Cath Kidston

Traditional patterns, practical, easy to clean and most of all generously-sized. In addition to a classic handle, these lunch bags are equipped with a clip, making it possible to attach to backpacks for easy carrying. Material is thick, robust and a dream to clean while zips are durable with rubber tags on them making them kid-friendly. Now what to pack for lunch?


Casa Bento

Bento boxes have become all the range when it comes to lunch boxes. And why not? Made in Japan, not only are they high-quality and BPA-free but the divided sections make healthy eating a breeze. Fill up the different sections with small but tasty food and rest assured the lunch boxes will come home empty.



Did you really think we were going to write a blog about school supplies and NOT mention Smiggle?! This Aussie brand is here to stay. Offering everything kids, the colourful vibrant products come in every shape, pattern and size. Its lunch bag offerings are just as varied. Whether your child is into penguins, cats or elephants, Smiggle will deliver.







One of the most important staples for back to school shopping includes a backpack encompassing both durability and creativity. Enter Bonne, a family operated Aussie brand big on quality and even bigger on prints. Younger students can opt for the classic backpacks offering ample space and stellar patterns and colours. Older kids will find the Evolution backpacks more suitable, which not only promise a large storage capacity but have reinforced pockets suitable for laptops and tablets. So whether you are inspired by hop hop, graffiti, skate, surf or sci-fi, there’s a Bonne bag out there just for you.


Children’s Showcase

This store in Tanglin Mall is a pleasure to browse just for its variety of one-of a kind offereings. Carrying more than 60 high-end brands, it offers originality like no one else. When it comes to choosing a backpack, whether your little kid wants to let their inner princess out or inner explorer, there will be something for each of them.


Jarrons & Co

Not many are aware of this hidden gem in City Square Mall. The store stocks several durable brands when it comes to backpacks. One worth mentioning is the Deuter backpacks which are not only ergonomically designed but sturdy enough to accompany kids not only to school but on swims and hikes as well.


Royal Sporting House

Don’t be fooled by its name. Although it’s known for stocking sports apparel, accessories and footwear, the store offers amazing back to school deals on many trendy yet durable backpack labels. Choose from high-quality brands such as Jansport, Reebok and Adidas.