Back to the Present

With the new year upon us, some parents are counting down the days to a whole new development, Back to School!  And with that comes the big responsibility of gearing your child with both the necessary and the optional, be they monotone school shoes, ergonomic backpacks, insulated lunch boxes, or three tiered pencil boxes.  Let the countdown begin!



Smiggle has become a household name when it comes to kids’ stationery and related school supplies, including backpacks, lunch boxes, and drink bottles among others. Take advantage of the post Christmas sales to stock up on all things school for super reasonable prices.



It is one of the oldest bookstores in Singapore and one of the most trusted. In addition to the newest book releases, it also carries text and assessment books, stationery, multimedia products and much more.



Just because it’s school stationery doesn’t mean it has to be boring.  And this is where Typo comes in with a bang. Come and get colorful and creative pens, pencils, planners and diaries and let your kids get excited about the school year ahead.



Comfort? Check. Convenience? Check. Practical? Check. Even though it may not be everyone’s #1 choice for fashion forward footwear, Bata has become a reliable name when it comes to buying children’s school shoes, year in year out.



Granted it does not have the flair and whimsical designs of the likes of trendier stationary stores, but what Evergreen does do is take one back to the basics of school stationery. Exercise books aplenty, ink pens and #2 pencils are laid out in dozens of neat little rows while plastic folders and files are piled up high by color coordination.


Stride Rite

This is the right place to hit for school shoes that are a little more stylish and a little trendier than the rest. Stride Rite designs have been keeping children’s comfort and development in mind for many years now. From toddlers to pre-schoolers and primary going kids to teens, there’s a right shoe for them all.


Stuck on You

The last thing you want is for your child’s backpack or bottle to become misplaced with another kids on the very first day of school. This is where Stuck on You comes to the rescue. Printing everything from name labels, school labels, clothing labels, shoe labels and pretty much anything else you can think of, rest assured your child will only come back with his own belongings.



The year of the monkey may have come and gone but Kipling’s familiar monkey keychain is here to stay. Lightweight, lasting and functional backpacks in an array of fun colors are available at Kipling stores throughout.