Sports R Us

Living in Singapore has many benefits; one of the main ones being that your kids can play outdoors all year round. Sports camps over December holidays are aplenty and here we give you highlights of some of the more popular ones.


Shaws Little League

A favorite with the kids, Shaws Little League offers a smorgasbord of sports activities to choose from including baseball, volleyball, cricket, soccer and basketball. Their holiday camps consist of 3 hours sessions encompassing not only playing sports but dabbling in cookery and arts and crafts activities as well. No wonder these slots get picked up fast. Don’t snooze and lose.



This name is synonymous with developing world class tennis programs and providing the best tennis coaching services across the region. Savitar’s year round Junior Programmes are well sought after and their holiday camps are just as coveted. Whether your child is new to the game or wants to further hone their technique, qualified coaches at Savitar will be happy to provide them with the right skills while ensuring enjoyment of the game at all times.


First Kick Academy

Soccer is an extensively physical sport but what parents tend to overlook is that it is also an activity, which encourages teamwork, participation, leadership and respect. First Kick Academy’s holiday camps consist of 3 hour sessions over the course of two days where kids, in addition to developing soccer tricks and skills will build friendships through various activities and games.



Certified instructors are happy to help kids as young as 2 years to become familiar with the intricacies of golf. Kids already familiar with the game will be taught how to sharpen their skills through indoor and outdoor sessions and down the road have their skills tested through various competitions. In addition, KinderGolf’s holiday camps offer equipment use, teaching aids, learning materials, and lunch break. Tee up!



Whether your child is looking to take up a new skill or wants to perfect his or her prior interest, Sportball has something for every little athlete. For those parents who can’t decide between enrolling your child in a mandarin class or sports class over the holidays, get the best of both worlds by signing them up for Sportball Chinese where the entire sports class is conducted in Chinese. Volleyball in Chinese you say? Coming up!


Let your kids play their favorite sport over the holidays or let them try a hand or foot at a new activity.  Either way, rest assured they will be getting fit, making friends and having fun under the watchful eyes of certified staff in safe venues around the island.