Give Your Skills a Jump Start Over The Holidays

School can get a tad overwhelming for the best of students and there’s no harm in accepting help where needed. Parents who are on the lookout for said assistance through tutors need not look any further. We’ve brought you a list of some of the most comprehensive tuition centres in our little red dot be they subject specific or cover a range of topics under one roof. For a full list browse through our entire directory of tuition centres and tutors.




Learning a new language is a difficult deed and even more so when it concerns familiarizing oneself with over 3,000 characters. But the following tuition centres offer lessons that are interactive, engaging and most of all make learning a new language seem fun.


Molin Tutorial Centre

Their philosophy is not only to enable students to focus on their school examinations but educate them about the Chinese culture, heritage and way of life as well. Teachers are encouraged to make learning fun and even though their curriculum runs parallel to that set by MOE they aim to ensure that the students have the ability to think independently. The centre offers a three-year foundation program in Chinese (N2 to K2) as well as tuitions and enrichment classes.


Han Language Centre

With 22 branches around the island, this is one of the largest Chinese language and tuition centers in Singapore. Their focus on Chinese oral, comprehension and reading skills coupled with their experienced teachers ensures that the students are well grounded in their Chinese education. They cater to students in K1 up to Secondary 4.



One of the most popular enrichment centers for learning Mandarin, they are known for their hands-on, interactive and multi sensory approach to teaching the language. Lessons are in line with the MOE curriculum and focus on oral reading and listening comprehension. The nursery program starts at the age of 3 and goes all the way up to Primary 6. Their popularity has lead to long waiting lists so plan ahead!


Jiang Education Centre

They have 4 branches in Singapore where they offer Mandarin and English enrichment classes for local and foreign students. Their classes start from K1 and go up to Secondary. They also have summer immersion courses in Mandarin and English.


AOTU Language School

Founded by Dr. Sin Joo Ee, AOTU has a unique set of teaching beliefs. Teachers are encouraged to begin a student’s learning process by educating them about the Chinese culture and people through storytelling, games and show and tell sessions. Keeping the child’s interest in mind, staff at AOTU does not pressure the child into learning the nitty gritty of the language right away. Just like its name AOTU which means “unevenness,” the school prides itself on taking an uneven path to success.


All Around


Because school offers several different subjects all at once, some children are not able to grasp the importance of all the details in one go and that’s ok. Patient and well-qualified teachers at these tuition centres cover ground from English to Mandarin and Math to Science. Kids will be able to focus and build on their skills at their own time and speed.


The Language Boutique

Certified instructors provide personalized language courses at a location of your choice to suit your child’s skill level and needs. These highly trained teachers offer English, Mandarin, Math, ESL, Group and Special Education classes. From providing support with homework, to working with schoolteachers or just teaching a new language, the Language Boutique has it all covered.


The Learning Lab

With its excellent track record, up-to-date curriculum and highly motivated teachers, the Learning Lab is one of the most popular tuition and enrichment centres in Singapore with multiple locations around the island. It runs educational programs for primary, secondary and integrated program students in Singapore. It offers both academic enrichment and tutorial services in English, Chinese, Math and Science to those students who are looking to get an edge in their education.



This is a very well-established enrichment center for those who are looking to bring up motivated youth. Their spectrum of enrichment classes span academic courses (phonics, reading, writing, math & others), inter-personal skills programme (social skills, grooming, etiquette, communication), study skills programme (power reading, memory enhancement and others), enhancement programmes (EQ, public speaking, leadership skills) and fine arts classes. Students are taught important life-skills such as leadership, efficiency, confidence and cooperation.




This simple yet effective tool is a necessity throughout ones life. So why not take the extra time to learn it thorough fun and engaging methods whenever possible. Parents, check out the following Maths tuition centres where learning the “queen of sciences” will become more than just a chore.


Aim Learning Hub

It provides customised math enrichment training to those aspiring students who are looking to strengthen their mathematical skills. Aim has small classes taught by staff that hold excellent credentials and are willing to provide consultation courses and preparatory math programs for up to GCE N/O levels.



One of the most known names in Maths tuitions, Kumon has become a learning method available in 49 countries around the world. Because Kumon promotes an independent self-study curriculum, the child is encouraged to study at his or her own pace, leaving little room for pressure and false progress. Qualified instructors are available to further advance the student’s formative learning abilities and study habits.


Math Vision

This centre offers enrichment classes in various subjects including Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business and ICT from Grade K1 to Grade 12. Its tutors holds certifications from prestigious institutions and are passionate about assisting children who are both looking to improve their scores and understand the subject matter better.


Maths Hub

Founded by Mr. Michael Lim, this is a specialised enrichment program. The centre comes with a highly trained, passionate and driven staff whose aim is to empower students with comprehensive mathematical training. Maths Hub has been requested to operate Mathematical Olympiad programmes for several local government schools.





Is your child facing trouble with Science in school? Parents, you can choose from one of these tuition centres where trained instructors will help your kids not only to understand and explore new concepts but enable them to maximize efficiency while still having fun.


Daniel Milton Education

It is a tuition center offering Science tuition classes for Secondary 1 and Secondary 2 and Biology, Chemistry and Physics tuitions for Secondary 3 and above. The centre also offers tuitions for IB and IP subjects. Daniel Milton Education specializes in teaching science and they differentiate themselves from other tuition centers in that they teach their students to apply science concepts rather than memorize content.


Novel Learning Centre

It provides tuitions and enrichment classes in Math and Science subjects to Primary and Secondary level students in a small class with personalised training programs. Their small class sizes are conducive to providing 1-to-1 coaching and helping diagnose each student’s needs and learning style.


Kent Ridge Education

These centres provide enrichment and tuition services to help elevate students’ confidence and skill levels. Its tutors provide education for primary, secondary school and junior college students in English, elementary and upper secondary Maths, Science including Chemistry, Physics and Biology and Chinese among others. Kent Ridge Education has over 25 centres across Singapore and has set up an International School in Cambodia.


Ace Scorers

It provides enrichment training in English, Math and Science for primary, secondary and Junior College students. The teachers are certified from accomplished institutions such as NUS and NTU. In addition, their services include PSLE tutoring by ex-MOE teachers.