Decathlon: A Sports Store Like No Other

Sports enthusiasts across the island let out a big whoop when Decathlon opened in our little red dot. Not that there weren’t plenty of sports stores around but said stores carried products which were less friendly on the wallet that one would like. Let’s just say people are more prone to try out different sports when the starting price points begin at $1. We kid you not folks.



Carrying various equipment for over 60 sports under one roof, Decathlon has named itself aptly. Truly it promotes itself as a combined event in athletics. Its main mission of making sports accessible to as many people as possible is a noble attempt and if its popularity keeps soaring the way it is, Decathlon will accomplish its goal sooner than later.



Let’s talk about service for a minute or in layman’s terms, employees. We all love Singapore to bits yet I’m sure there is some agreement all around when it comes to raising the bar for service. More often than not we are treated with a bark when enquiring about a certain product’s availability in size, colour or what have you. Decathlon employees, take a bow here. The store’s staff is not only knowledgeable about their offerings but are also quick to suggest alternatives and wait for it, actually enthusiastic about your search. Go figure.



Now we could probably write a book about all the sports goodies this store contains but we are limited on time and space, so for the sake of our audience we will limit it to kid friendly options. Decathlon’s simple yet comprehensive website has divided the kids section into babies, boys and girls. Each section offers a multitude of sporting apparel further categorising tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories and even socks and underwear. Best sellers are highlighted for their low, low, low prices. Case in point, a baby girl’s swim briefs for $1! Continue browsing the Babies section for more great deals on shorty swimsuits, gym pants and sweatshirts. A run through on the Boys section. Tops including dry run shirts are up for grabs at $3.90 while football shorts begin at a whopping $4.90. Specialty sports apparel like horse riding body protector, surfing wetsuits and ski trousers are also available.



Moving on to Girls. Grab a pair of cropped gym pants for $7.90. Looking for those hard to find goalkeeper pants? Voila! Go ahead and grab those gymnastics leotards your daughter was looking for the other day and while you’re at it stock up on an extra pair of ballet tights. Did we mention the one-piece swimsuit going at $5.90? There are also gym hoodies, dance t-shirts, windproof sailing raincoats and light fleeces great for travel to places where the temperatures actually drop slightly. When looking for shoes that don’t break the bank, Decathlon has a wide variety to choose from starting with basic school gym shoes for $5.90 and flip flops for $3.50. There will be also be many rows of shoe racks covering all sorts of sports including tennis, dancing, fitness, hiking, running, rock climbing,  walking and even ballet. You might as well grab a tri-pack of sport socks for $4.90. They always come in handy. Accessories include not only essentials like camping backpacks but specialty accessories as well like ski hats and horse riding gloves.



Visit either their Bedok outlet in the North, central location in City Square Mall or Joo Koon in the West. Or if you’re gonna get comfortable on that couch to enjoy surfing on their website, be sure to remember that free delivery is offered for purchases above $60.

Here’s to maximising our health while minimising our wealth!