Bouncy Castle Bonanza

Imagine if you will an inflatable playground in a setting of a zoological garden. With larger-than-life inflatable animals and plants featured around the floating platform at Marina Bay, Art-Zoo is every energetic child’s wildest dream come true. But what Singaporean theme park would be complete without a little education to go with it? And Art-Zoo does not disappoint. It is divided into 11 bouncy clusters and each zone informs kids about a few different letters of the alphabet thereby teaching them the basics all the while they are being entertained. Fun activities for the kids and adults abound!



As you enter, your first stop will probably be Antarctica where you will be welcomed to the South Pole by polar bears and penguins and deers, oh my. Teach your kids about the letters P and D as they explore this cold climate and some of the wildlife that comes with. Move on to Flowers, a mega bouncy which can take up to 100 children at a time, making it the largest inflatable at ArtZoo. Watch your kids chant out: Ants, Lions and Tulips as they hop, skip and jump over the inflated animals and flowers.



Next comes the tall tall Giraffe. No guesses for trying which letter is going to be taught here. Help the younger kids traverse this giant inflatable maze or let your older ones trek solo. On to Grasslands, which is made to look like the land down under where, your little ones will be delighted to jump side to side with giant inflatable Kangaroos. Don’t miss Honey Hives where two enormous Bears sit back-to-back observing the little bumble bees bzzzzing around them. Ready to climb Mountains? Younger kids will love the colourful rainbow propped in the background as they bounce on the cute little Lambs or Yaks and stripy Zebras!



A bright yellow Elephant will welcome kiddies to swing on its trunk in the Savannah zone. Children will love pretending being Underwater as they climb on Crabs, swing on Octopuses and hide from Narwhals. The Whale zone which can be seen from a mile away, will be sure to delight your child not only from its sheer size but also from its interactive theme inside its mouth as well. Then there is Swamps where a huge Hippopotamus sits with its mouth wide open both scaring and enchanting kids at the same time. Babies can rock away on small little Frogs that are dotted all around.



Finally a mega Spider will be the perfect photo opp, especially with the magnificent Singapore skyline acting as its backdrop. While the kids will not be able to jump on it, they should be too wiped out to notice if you make it the last stop.

The perfect end to a bouncy adventure!



Dates: 3-26 March 2017