Muse over these

Education should be intertwined with entertainment once in awhile and museum visits are one of the best ways to do just that. But gone are the days when a trip to the museum meant walking through room after room of century old weaponry, ancient scrolls, yellowing world maps and glassed spearheads. Kids today are interested in what lies in the future even as their present flies by, and museums in Singapore have been quick to catch up with their young audiences wants and needs.


Future World exhibit – ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum

Future World, the Museum’s first permanent exhibition, is divided into four zones: Nature, Park, Town and Space. These high-tech immersive digital art installations are not to be missed as they truly intertwine art and science. Young ones will be especially keen to enter the Sketch Aquarium that allows them to colour and scan the drawings onto a giant interactive screen. Also catch Into the Wild, the museum’s latest permanent development where kids can enter a virtual rainforest and take an active role in replanting trees in Southeast Asia. Then there’s NASA – A Human Adventure where the entire family can be photographed wearing space suits before they embark on a thrilling journey through mankind’s exploration of space.


Keppel Centre for Art Education – National Gallery

Located on Level 1 of the City Hall Wing, the Keppel Centre for Art Education is the first dedicated arts facility of its kind in Singapore and the region. Watch your child be stimulated on all levels as they explore colours and textures through tactile play at the Art Corridor, tickle their imagination in the Art Playscape area, learn about art making at the Project Gallery or pretend to be a gallery owner at the Children’s Museum. Look out for several upcoming workshops for kids including exploring artworks, engaging in lively discussions, listening to stories inspired by folk tales and creating building models out of everyday materials.


Butterflies Up Close exhibit – Science Centre

Science Centre

50% technology museum. 50% science museum. 100% educational enjoyment! Not only is the Science Centre one of the oldest attractions mentioned here but it’s also the most popular. The Centre houses over 1,000 individual exhibits most of which are interactive and hands-on. Kids will have an array of fun and educational opportunities to explore including watching Butterflies Up Close, splashing around in Waterworks, finding themselves in Uniquely You, and discovering their potential in Tuning In: Brain & Body. And then of course there’s the AVENGERS S.T.A.T.I.O.N. where kids will be thrilled to be completely immersed within the marvel cinematic universe.


Singapore Art Museum (SAM)

If the Science Centre is like the loud and bossy mother-in-law of museums, SAM is like the shy and nerdy son-in-law, knowing its presence is felt but comfortable to remain in the shadows. SAM also caters to kindergartens and primary schools offering them specialised programmes wherein students can explore the treasures the space has to offer. Currently the Museum has a permanent exhibition at their Learning Gallery called Once Upon this Island where a series of contemporary works by Singaporean artists have been presented offering insights into home, community and identity. Can you think of a better way to teach your child Singapore History 101?