Camps: Designed for Maximum Enjoyment

Holiday camps are a fun way to keep the learning momentum running smoothly. Singapore has really upped its game over the past few years when it comes to the camp scene. Today there are more options to choose from than ever, covering practically every interest, hobby, and passion out there. Sit down with your kids today and pour over options from coding and STEM to basketball and painting and everything in between.


If they want to run, jump and kick:


Centaurs Kids


Centaurs Kids

This is the kind of holiday camp where kids (6-13 years) are encouraged to get muddy while they run around. Practically every child’s dream come true! A 3-day multisports camp where over the course of 3 hours kids get a good physical workout while playing to their heart’s content and building friendships as they go. All for the bargain price of $350.


LJE Sports

Basketball is a sport that not only celebrates fitness but encourages teamwork and sharpens mental skills as well. Kids can sign up for a 4-day camp where over the course of 3 hours they can look forward to practicing guarding, dribbling, shooting, passing and working on honing defense and offense moves. A fun way to build confidence, sportsmanship and overall health!


Alpha Academy

If your child is looking for an alternate to rugby or swimming, why not encourage them to take up badminton? Seeing as it’s a popular sport in Asia, Alpha Academy has taken it upon itself to offer badminton holiday camps for all ages and skill levels. World class badminton coaches will help kids learn the trades of the game but ensure that they have a good time while doing so.


Camp Asia


Camp Asia

While most camps are specialized, Camp Asia prides itself on offering a little bit of everything. There are numerous options for kids aged 3-16 years. From drama and mandarin to sports and coding, they have it all. Camp registration includes a Camp Asia t-shirt, lunch, morning and afternoon snacks and any other supplies (art, computers) necessary for class.


Little League

Soccer, soccer and more soccer. Calling all football enthusiasts to play to their heart’s content or at least 3 hours a day for either a 1 or 4-day camp. Perfect for kids 4-12 years old, Little League’s holiday camps are led by professional coaches who cover all aspects of the game from dribbling, passing, shooting, heading and of course team play. Get ready to play ball!



Whereas all sports hold their own benefits, there are few that you can carry your entire life, unless you’re a professional athlete. But tennis is one such sport which you can pick up from as young as 4 years through school and uni and even enjoy later in your career. But we getting too ahead of ourselves. How about signing up for your little one to grasp the basic fundamentals over the holidays for now? Savitar offers 4-day training camps where along with focusing on mental, tactical and physical training, kids are encouraged to have FUN!


Shaws Little League

Let us introduce Singapore’s longest running multi-sports camp and with good reason. Coaches at Shaws Little League truly believe in encouraging teamwork, building up confidence, instilling leadership qualities but most of all ensuring kids are having the time of their lives while getting a good physical workout. Kids (2-12) years can choose from a range of sports including volleyball, cricket, football, tennis, hockey and many many more.



Now a 6-hour multi-sports camp might seem incredibly draining for a 4 year old but hear us out. Singafit ‘s camp itinerary includes warm ups, cool downs, and 2 small breaks ensuring kids are fully hydrated and highly energized before they storm the fields, courts and pools with confidence and determination. Kids (4-14 years) can choose from over 30 sports including archery, swimming, athletics, inline skating and rock climbing to name a few.


If they want to draw, sketch and paint:


Little Artists


Little Artists

The beauty of this place is it continues to offer art lessons and camps throughout the year. So whether your child is looking to sharpen their drawing and painting skills, pick up new ones or simply wanting to dabble, come on down to Little Artists. Holidays or no holidays, sign your child up for a fun and stress-free session with a small teacher-student ratio where they can be exposed to a variety of art forms.




This Art camp never fails to deliver fun and fantastic camps during the holidays. Passionate and enthusiastic instructors will be more than willing to help your kids unleash their creativity to their maximum. Camp itinerary not only provides art lessons but also includes games, music, stories and lots of other activities!



Art Boot Camp

True to its name, Art Boot Camp offers 2/3/5 days where kids are inundated with everything art under the sun. This is truly a perfect outlet for kids to express themselves creatively using a variety of tools and materials. Hurry and sign up today though because these holiday workshops tend to get sold-out fast.



The Art People

School can be grueling whether you are in kindergarten or primary 6. So in the upcoming holidays, why not let the little ones relax their brain muscles a little by enrolling them in art camp. The Art People offer both structured programmes for those kids looking to hone their previous skills and introductory ones for kids who want to pick up the fundamentals of drawing, colouring and sketching.



If they want to practice, practice, practice:


Ace Scorers

Why not take the time over the holidays to help your child improve on a particular subject they are struggling with? Qualified and patient tutors at Ace Scorers can help parents do just that. So whether a kid needs that extra push in math or requires extra practice with science, Ace Scorers is the answer.


Little Mandarins

Mandarin is a difficult language to learn but what if it’s taught in a fun and engaging manner? Enter Little Mandarins’ holiday camp where stimulating activities such as storytelling, songs, games, arts & crafts and brush painting are used to encourage kids to pick up the language.


Molin Tutorial Centre

Learning Chinese doesn’t just mean picking up the precise tones and memorizing vocabulary. At Molin Tutorial Centre, teachers will educate kids about Chinese culture, heritage and way of life as well. An even though the curriculum runs parallel to MOE requirements, instructors make the lessons fun and engaging thereby keeping the kids a priority above everything else.


If they want to code, programme and build:


Photo Credit: Children’s Worklab Facebook


Children’s Worklab

October is here which means Halloween is just around the corner. Why not mix it up with a little STEM and sign your kids (7-12 years) up for Children’s Worklab Halloween camp? In this LEGO and Technology Camp, children will get to explore and discover, build up on scientific concepts, experiments and learn to solve problems.


Coding Lab

Lately parents around the world have been hearing how coding has become a lifelong skill and is essential to the future. Why not let your kids try it out for themselves at Coding Lab where the classes are designed specially for kids. So whether your child is a complete novice or a blossoming expert in the coding field, Coding Lab has something for everyone.


Saturday Kids

Digital literacy is fast becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Get the young ones started early on learning designs and understanding programming concepts. Over the holidays, kids (7-16 years) can enroll in a 4-day workshop with options to learn Scratch Programming, explore Games creation, coding and inventing and solving puzzles with Python Programming. Kids (5-6 years) can also get in on the action by signing up for Tiny Techies involving Scratch Jr.



If they want to bake and experiment:


Kids Discoveryworks


Kids DiscoveryWorks

Make learning science fun not tedious by enrolling your kids in a science and engineering adventure with his or her favorite superhero. During the October holidays, Kids DiscoveryWorks is offering some of their most popular programs as 2-3 day STEM camps. Fret not if your kids aren’t into action adventures. There’s also Junior CSI where they can explore forensic science and learn all about fingerprinting, DNA and heredity and so much more!


Genius R Us

Known specially for its baking workshops, Genius R Us is sure to bring out the hidden chef in your child. Sign your kids up for the October classes where they will be delighted to concoct confections like Eye Ball Mini Cakes, Frankenstein Cake Pops and Spider Web Cheescake. Parents can accompany their little ones (2.5-5 years) or send in their older kids 5-12 years) for a howling good time!