Camps for the Mind, Body and Soul

A plethora of camps await your kids as summer holidays slide into view. This break, let your kids pick up a valuable set of skills be they technical, physical, creative or life-related.



Dino Discovery Camp – The Little Executive


The Little Executive

Whether your kid is interested in cooking, digging or dreaming about galaxies far far away, The Little Executive’s holiday camps have you covered. Its Little Chefs Camp is open to kids 4-8 years encouraging them to take up challenges in the kitchen. 4-8 years can also sign up for the Dino Discovery Camp working together to learn about evolution and unearth ancient fossils. In the P1 Here I come (P1 Preparatory) Camp, K2 kids can get a glimpse of what their future will look like and ease into it. Astronaut Training Camp (5-10 yrs) and Astronaut X Coding Camp (7-9 yrs) is available for space and robotics fiends looking to embark on new missions, develop their coding skills on the way and sharpen their problem solving and communication skills, learn teamwork and use their imagination to no bounds. The Globe Trekker Camp (4-8 yrs) will take the kids on an exciting adventure around the globe replete with tasks like creating their own maps, understanding how  geography shapes language and culture and solving puzzles while having fun along the way!


BrainFit Studio

In this camp, 4-7 year olds can look forward to acquiring physical science and chemistry know-how while on their adventure to unravel the mysteries of The Land of Fairy Tale Emergencies. Through hands-on activities, role-playing, story telling and basic science experiments, kids will not only be able to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills but also build confidence and become effective communicators.




Camp Asia


Camp Asia

This is the mothership of all camps. If your kids are looking to enhance physical activity, they can pick from Super Sports, Super Basketball, Super Soccer or Gymnastics. For kids who want hone their creativity, sign them up for either Multi-Activity, Super Chef, Passion for Art or Drama Academy. If numbers, potions and language is their calling, let them choose from Mad World of Science, Math Mania or Mini Mandarin. Any technology lovers? Try LEGO Robotics, Tech Savvy, Creative Innovators or Electronics. Like we said, this is the camp of ALL camps.


The Open Centre

This ever popular mindfulness camp designed for kids ages 6-12 years is back with a bang. Kids will learn to how to communicate confidently with adults, how to interact appropriately with peers, how to deal smoothly with conflict and most importantly how to make themselves happy individuals. Camp activities range from creative arts, pet therapy, yoga, horse grooming/riding, behind the scenes zoo visits and terrarium making among others.



Super Camp Singapore



It offers 7-day immersive residential programs for kids aged 9-12 years (Junior Forum) and 13-18 years (Senior Forum). During their week-long stint at Anglo Chinese School, kids will not only get a taste of dorm life but acquire and hone important life and academic skills through daily team challenges, class activities and outdoor learning. By being able to step out of their comfort zones, students will be able to pick up self-empowerment, build important rapport skills, learn how to overcome potential obstacles, train themselves to read faster and write better, increase time management and most importantly not forget to have FUN!



EduAction Resources


EduAction Resources

The name says it all. In addition to helping kids improve skills in English and other languages, the centre promotes safety and emotional empowerment through trial and error examples. Over the summer kids 9-15 years can sign up for Writing/Speaking for Action and Sustainable Entrepreneur workshops while younger kids will be enlightened about money management in Finance Fun Jr.