Welcome to the Jungle

Exhibitions at the ArtScience Museum never cease to amaze and its latest eye opener Into the Wild is no exception. From start to finish, it’s an immersive adventure where kids young and old can learn and enjoy the beauty of nature and wildlife without actually entering a patch of green.



Over 1,000 square meters of the Museum have been transformed into a virtual rainforest where kids can step into the shoes of a wildlife ranger and explore their natural surroundings using a smartphone device. With the touch of a button, a lush digital world comes into plain sight, and they will encounter some of the key players in an Asian rainforest including pangolins, tapirs, mousedeers, orangutans and tigers.



By touching and tapping, they will be able to observe the animals in their natural habitats and learn about the imminent dangers they fear. But the awesomeness of it all doesn’t just stop here. Their virtual tour will become a reality very fast when they realize that they can actually help restore the rainforests of Southeast Asia when they plant a virtual tree through their smartphone device. For every virtual tree, a real tree will be planted in Rimbang Balin, Indonesia one of the last pristine rainforests in Sumatra.





Once they’ve made the pledge, kids can enter a spectacular cinematic experience where they can follow the circle of life of different animals’ journey from creation to destruction and rebirth. A mesmerising and highly interactive experience from start to finish, Into the Wild will not only awaken your childrens’ senses but also their minds.