1 2 3 4 …. Get on the Dance Floor

When it comes to choosing dance classes for kids, parents are more prone to turn to popular categories like ballet and tap. But there are so many other interesting genres of dance which will not only introduce kids to different cultures but also enable them to pick up skills like discipline, dedication and of course technique. We’re highlighting the pick of the lot below.



Photo Credit: Bolly Dancing Studio Facebook Page

Bolly Dancing

There’s something about Bollywood music that makes the hips swing and the shoulders shake. Enroll your little foot-stompers for Bolly Dancing’s classes where they will be taught semi-choreographed routines, paying emphasis to details and strengthening their ability and confidence on the dance floor. This program will help kids 5-11 years shape and train their bodies so they are able to learn any future dance forms at a faster and better rate. Book a trial class today for just $10.



Photo Credit: Tanglin Arts Studio Facebook Page


Tanglin Arts Studio

Kids 2 years and above can enjoy an array of dance classes here. With 3 locations across Singapore including Sentosa Cove, Claymore Hill and Hollandse Club, Tanglin Arts Studio is accumulating a mass following. Besides classes such as ballet, tap, street dance, musical theatre and acrobatics, students can take part in both local and international dance performances. The studio also holds a year-end performance showcasing their students’ hard work and talent to families and friends.




Photo Credit: John & Josephine Creative Facebook Page

John & Josephine Dance Creative

John & Josephine Dance Creative are trending ballroom dancing! They take their dancers’ health very seriously and have since installed a professional sports flooring system that absorbs the landing impact of their dancers, thereby, protecting them against possible shin fractures and ankle and foot injuries. Kids as young as 4 years old can enroll for lessons, which include an introduction to the Waltz, Tango, Quickstep, Slowfox and the Viennese Waltz. Private lessons are charged at $350 for 4 lessons while while 45-minute group lessons cost 4160 for 6 lessons. Move over ballerinas, it’s time to cha cha cha!



Tahiti Dance Fitness

If your kids enjoyed watching Moanna, they will love, love trying to copy her dance moves. At Tahiti Dance Fitness, kids as young as 3 can enroll for lessons which combine all the fun and dynamic elements from ballet, jazz, zumba and belly dancing. Your kids will have a blast grooving to the beautiful rhythms of this exotic Polynesian genre.



Jazz Cats

Instructors here exude passion and enthusiasm and the studio has been spreading dance fever in Singapore now for over 10 years. Students will not only enjoy the various facets of dance but attain its benefits as well such as self-discipline, confidence, co-ordination and fitness. Jazz Cats follows the CSTD syllabus and trains students for exams. Choose from an array of dance classes for kids including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics and even a Mommy & Baby ballet class.



Photo Credit: NAFA Facebook Page

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Chinese New Year is once again upon us and is it us or are you imagining your child in a beautiful costume with billowing sleeves and a traditional Chinese fan in her hand? If this is the case, head on down to NAFA to enroll your kid in the Children’s Chinese Dance class which provides an active way for children to experience the cultural arts of an ancient civilization. The course (400 per semester/18 weeks) is offered to kids 5 and above and is specifically designed to combine technical training with stage performances. Maybe next Chinese New Year they can join the street performances in Chinatown! NAFA also offers a variety of other dance classes for kids such as Junior Ballet, Junior Creative Dance and Contemporary Dance.



Photo Credit: Sampada’s Dance Studio Facebook Page

Sampada’s Dance Studio

Bharatnatyam is a classical dance form from southern India, which is unique and dynamic, having its own originality. The dancer’s movements are rhythmic caused as a result of simultaneous stamping of the feet, jumps, pirouettes, and positions where the knees touch the floor. Dance instructor Sampada leads kids as young as 5 through these intricate movements using fun and entertaining methods. Sampada also encourages students to participate in a performance at least once during their enrollment to boost their confidence. A monthly fee of $80 includes 4 lessons. The main dance studio is located in Mandarin Gardens condo on Siglap Road but dance classes for kids are also conducted in various other locations across Singapore.



Photo Credit: Stepping Out Studio Facebook Page

Stepping Out Studios

Opened in 2014, Stepping Out Studios have quickly established themselves as the school of choice for those with a love for dancing. Conveniently located in City Square Mall, the School’s ability to develop a student’s passion and creativity, as well as their technical skills, has enabled them to establish a loyal following. The studio now teaches dance to 450 children each week and continues to expand. Even as their numbers continue to swell, they do an amazing job of ensuring that every student feels special and is given the individual attention that they deserve.

Stepping Out Studios offer a full range of dance classes for kids such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Contemporary classes, taught using the CSTD syllabus by a fantastic team of internationally experienced, highly qualified and friendly instructors. Classes are available for children aged 2 years and above.