An Unforgettable Ice Extravaganza

Some words are music to the ears and Disney is definitely one of them. Simultaneously a visual and musical performance, Disney On Ice presents Mickey’s Super Celebration, will be a treat to watch for family members of all ages and interests. This popular showcase of everything Disney is a raging success no matter its theme, of course, adding Mickey Mouse in the title only increases its specialness.

Mickey along with his loyal friends, Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy will take the audience on a memorable journey accrediting Walt Disney’s unencumbered imagination by reliving treasured tales spanning generations past. You’ll be sure to see yourself choosing your favorite memory, be it a song, scene or character. In addition to emphasizing the “old is gold” factor, this production will also bring to life acclaimed stories of recent times like Moana and Toy Story. This will not just be another display of master choreography and awe-inspiring sets but will include live hosts and interactive segments where the fans will surely become part of the show making it that much more special.

Get ready to be taken on a high-seas adventure with the brave Moana, prepare to battle with the royal sisters Anna and Elsa in their hunt for true love, enjoy the wonders of magic in Fantasia as a Sorcerer’s Apprentice practices spells and mixes potions, comfort Riley as she experiences a mega-conflict with all her emotions including Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness and assist the forgetful Dory in her quest to find her family. Remember and relive all these wonderful stories through mesmerizing dances on ice and heart-warming storytelling by Disney Princesses and of course Mickey and the gang. To keep spirits sky-high and momentum strong, fans from the audience will be called upon to choose which outfits Mickey and Minnie will sport during the final celebration.

So parents, since you will enjoy watching your childhood favorites up to their old tricks and your kids will be excited beyond measure to come up close with their current Disney pals, this sure is a win-win situation for the entire family!

The show is on from 20-24 March at Singapore Indoor Stadium so be sure to buy your tickets today. Click link for tickets.


Disney On Ice presents Mickey’s Super Celebration

Dates: 20-24 March

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Price: $25-225

Duration: 2 hours