Whether its dance, drama or music, a short pit stop at a performing arts camp during the holidays sounds just right. And why not? Not only would your kids end up building confidence, heightening self-esteem and sharpening communication skills but will also have a blast in the process. So in addition to highlighting some of the more popular choices for speech and drama classes and workshops, we bring you some new and noteworthy ones as well.



Wings to Wings

If you’re traveling for part of the break but still want your kids to reap the benefits of a camp, enrol them for one-off full-day dance workshops held at Wings to Wings Dance Development Centre. At Dance Camp on 13 June (for 4-6 year olds) and 18 June (for 7-12 year olds), kids can enjoy performing a variety of dances including Jazz, Ballet and Hip Hop. There will be a 1-hour Moanna-themed dance session for kids (3-7 years) on 21 June and a Hotel Transylvania-themed one on both 14 and 22nd June. But hurry, there are limited slots.



ACT 3 Drama Academy

ACT 3’s ever popular workshops encourage kids to make their mark and exercise their artistic freedom. This year, sign up for engaging Parent-Child workshops inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. In Mowgli’s Song, let your little ones (7-17 months) step into the shoes of Mowgli and enter an imaginative jungle enjoying a sensorial and performative experience. 18-36 months old can take discovery one step further in Mowgli’s Brothers where they can take charge and join in the storytelling. In Kaa’s Hunting, 3-4 years old will play different roles and work together to create a showcase at the end. Where 5-7 years old will learn to use basic Drama tools in Tiger! Tiger!, 8-10 years can gear up for a musical workshop in The Jungle Book-The Musical.



Singapore Media Academy

Bubbling Talents Starter is filled with 3 days of fun games and exercises to develop basic acting skills culminating in a performance showcase for the parents. Watch kids prepare their very own radio segment in Junior Radio Academy. Get your kids to take an interest in world news and improve communication and presentation skills in Little Reporters. Wanna take it up a notch? Sign them for Little Reporters in Mandarin. Or they can take Fun with Mandarin for a full-blown curriculum.



Singapore Repertory Theatre

Come June, Stage Camp by SRT is back with a bang bringing you Dr. Seuss inspired workshops. Young people of all ages are encouraged to attend these 4-day sessions where they get to explore their creativity, learn performance skills and even get their “shine in the spotlight” moment. Kids 4-6 years can sign up for Playstage-The Cat in the Hat where they will engage in drama, craft and musical activities culminating in a presentation for friends and family. 7-12 years meanwhile can enroll in A Seussical Theatre Stage where they will get a chance to use actor training, theatre techniques and practiced drama and poetry skills to result in a finale presentation in front of their loved ones.



CentreStage – School of the Arts

The name promotes the heart and soul of the school, the stage really does a play a central role here. Teachers have been trained primarily as performers and hence able to teach their students in depth the numerous tools and applications of the performing and creative arts. Its week-long Holiday Programme runs Monday-Friday for 3 hours each day ending with an exciting performance.



Speech Academy Asia

Fear of public speaking is a paramount problem so why not help kids overcome this issue as early as possible. In June Speech Academy Asia will offer full day camps (Super 7 Confidence Camp, Speech Champions Camp) where over the course of 2 days kids can pick up techniques on body language, voice, emotions and speech crafting in addition to unleashing their inner courage and boosting their confidence. Lessons will be conducted both indoor and outdoor and hands-on learning will hope to inspire them to think like leaders.



Buds Theatre Company

Buds Theatre Company offers 5 day art, drama and music classes and camps for kids where they are encouraged to experience the excitement of theatre and develop oratory, presentation and communication skills by devising a plot, casting a play, designing costumes, creating a set, learning about lights and ACTING ACTING ACTING!