Are You Ready to Flip Out?

When it comes to kids having fun, somehow bouncy castles are a given. Sometimes they take precedence even over the cake (blasphemous, we know but it’s true)! And these days we’re not just talking about a small little generic inflatable; bouncy castles have taken a life of their own. They come in all different shapes, sizes, colour and themes. Of course the best part about renting one for your special occasion is watching the team come over and inflate it and deflate it when necessary. You literally don’t have to lift a finger. All you gotta do is bounce, bounce!




Photo Credit: Bouncy Castles & A Whole Lot More Facebook

Bouncy Castles & A Whole Lot More

This company has been around for more than 15 years in Singapore and has one of the largest selections of bouncy castles, inflatables and other party equipment. They are sure to keep all your bases covered once you see their ample stock of play centers for toddlers, as well as velcro stick ups for older kids. They also provide entertainers, party decorations, party favours and more.




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Party Parlour

Party Parlour has everything and the kitchen sink when it comes to planning a special occasion. From entertainers and decorators to live food stations and polaroid photography they’ve got all your needs covered. Their bouncy castles come in all shapes and sizes for different spaces starting at $250 for a 1 day rental including delivery and setup. Their face painters will transform your little ones into fairies, super heroes, safari animals and more while their balloon sculptors will conjure up each child’s favourite design. All you have to do is send the invitations!




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This is THE place to go for when you need a themed inflatable to make your special occasion even more so. We’re talking bouncy castles displays ranging from Ben 10, Mickey Mouse, dragon, dinosaur, circus, football and more. And it keeps on getting better. This company also provides a selection of kiddy rides and popcorn and candy floss stall rentals delivered to your home.




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SG Super Bouncing Club

If you’re thinking this is some great facility where you can bounce non-stop, we’re sorry to disappoint you. But get this, you can rent a range of bouncing castles here starting from the incredibly low price of $88 per hour. Whether you choose a small Hot air Balloon Bouncer for your wee ones, a medium Penelope Dragon Bouncer for your pre-schoolers or a large Safari Jungle Bouncer for your primary going kids, they’ve got it all. Furthermore, this family run company provides a variety of party rental equipment and even balloons right to your door step!




Photo Credit: LOL Party Animals

LOL Party Animals

Imagine if you will a shark’s jaw open wide with teeth sharp as knives glaring from within and now pair that image with a giant inflatable. The result (from a little kid’s point of view) is the most incredible bouncy castle ever! All this and more await you at LOL Party Animals where you can choose clean and safe inflatables for your child’s next special occasion. Rest assured of free delivery, free set-up, and free tear-down. The company also provides an extensive range of party services and equipment like face painters, balloon sculptors, magicians and food stations.




The Toy Rental Club

Does your kid have a CARS-themed birthday party and pleaded for a bouncy castle to go with it? Have no fear, just head on down to The Toy Rental Club and request for the Cars Bouncer with Slide. And even though now you are the coolest parent for doing so you can take it up a notch and opt for some other amazing add-ons for the party including outdoor play toys, tricycles, cars, scooters and much more.




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Happy Bouncy Castle

The professionals at Happy Bouncy Castle keep the goal simple, to provide your little ones with the best possible bouncy castle they desire, at an affordable price of course. They make the rental process even easier by allowing you to book and make payment via their online system. If you don’t find exactly the right kind of bouncy castle, don’t be afraid to approach the staff to discuss a more personalised request. At the end of the day, they want you to be happy!


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