Haw Par Villa: The Oldest and Strangest Theme Park In Town

If your kids have had their fill of the run-of-the-mill amusement parks, why not give them a taste of something original, something traditional, and something unusual. Named after the Aw brothers who created the medical ointment Tiger Balm, Haw Par Villa is a celebration of Chinese folklore and mythology.





Sprawled over massive gardens, the park consists of over 1,000 statues and over 150 dioramas depicting scenes and legends steeped in ancient Chinese culture.  Although it may not seem like the ideal location for kids to get an education about religion and tradition, it will definitely be an adventurous lesson.





There is even a section dubbed the Ten Courts of Hell where parents will be able to pass of some not so subtle hints about what bad behavior will lead to. Be warned that really young kids might get a bit scared of some of the sculptures. It might be wise to walk ahead of the kids so you can get a quick peek before they come face to face with a gruesome giant looking to strike hard.





The best part about the whole experience is that it’s absolutely free. So if you walk away with nothing else, at least you get a lesson in history, religion and folklore on the house.






Little tiger statues promoting the brand’s products




Don a traditional costume covered with ancient face masks




Step back in time and climb aboard a genuine retro vehicle.  Don’t forget to take a few clicks at the photobooth




Enter the cave with caution




Catch the turtles sunbathing




Turtles and raccoons and rabbits oh my




Now you don’t have to travel down under for some Koala watching




Be sure to not to get in the way of this big gorilla




Have you ever seen a happier Cheetah than this little guy




Car enthusiasts will enjoy this humorous take on a jaguar




Get ready for a historic experience like no other




Just some ancient Chinese warriors having tea and hanging out




When you’re done taking in the history, plop down on some benches to chow down on freshly grilled satay




If you’re looking for a little serenity head over to the statue of the warrior princes meditating on a lotus flower