Make Your Next Big Move

Many times parents place a great emphasis on physical activity but forget to give an equal importance to keeping an active mind. Chess is a sport that not only works the brain cells but also ensures long-term positive effects like focus, determination, problem solving, critical thinking and even sportsmanship. It is no wonder that this game, which used to be played by kings and queens long ago still resonates with people of all ages and background. Here we provide you with some of the popular chess classes for kids in Singapore where your kids can learn to play chess. Your move next!



Chess Academy

Although chess may look like an easy game to pick up, its main attraction lies in picking up exciting tricks and maneuvers. The Chess Academy not only offers lessons for beginners to become familiar with the basic rules but also has numerous advance sessions where intermediate players can hone their skills. In addition, they have a chess club that meets regularly to play chess and even organizes competitions. If you don’t have time during the year, be sure to check out their holiday courses.



PowerChess Asia

Kids 5 and above are welcome to sign up here for private and group chess lessons. World-class instructors who specialize in training children offer valuable game insights to both beginners and advanced players. PowerChess Asia also holds regular chess camps for kids between 5-15 where coaches provide an intensive 3-day programme to learn and improve chess skills.



Singapore Chess Federation

Seeing as it the official authority over all chess events in Singapore, the Singapore Chess Federation is a popular chess haven for parents. It offers chess classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced players and encourages its participants to not only take part in competitions within Singapore but internationally as well. A quick note for those parents who are fond of receiving constant feedback, the Singapore Chess Federation includes assessments and grades making it easy to track progress and promotion.



Xiangqi Mind Train Academy

This is one of the few academies in Singapore to offer lessons in Chinese Chess. Let your kids learn this ancient sport through modern-day practice. Classes are conducted in Chinese and are offered both as private and group lessons. Here’s an incentive for those parents short on pick up and drop off time, Xiangqi instructors can also come to your house at your convenience.



Legend Chess Academy

Learning to play chess doesn’t have to be boring and stressful. Qualified instructors at Legend Chess Academy ensure that each lesson is tailor-made for the student. Kids will be coached on picking up basic concepts, moving on to advanced tactics and touching on ultimate strategies.



Mastermove Chess Academy

Child prodigy Mr. Krishna founded Mastermove Academy in 2008. He took it upon himself to start his academy with experienced, highly talented, efficient and professional trainers. Mastermove offers different levels of training programs and approaches for kids of all ages and skill levels ensuring both beginners as well as advanced tournament players are welcome. Get ready to excel!



Out of the Box Kids’ Club

This is a winner for those working parents who are looking for a day care/after care centre that not only hits on academic guidance but also remembers to incorporate fun and engaging activities. They’ve got robotics, chess and several discovery science courses throughout the year and during the holiday season.




ROYAL Chess was founded by FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs) Master and professional chess player Tigran Gyozalyan. He has taken it upon himself to teach kids as young as 5 years the discipline and dedication that comes with the game of chess. Tigran conducts both private and group lessons for different levels.