Tropical Island Tranquility

An island holiday near Singapore is the perfect way for the entire family to unwind and enjoy some quality time together. We’re talking powder soft sand, crystal clear waters and adventurous sports just to begin with. Singaporeans are lucky to be surrounded by some beautiful islands and we’re right here to give you the blow by blow of some magnificent locations around the region.



Never heard of it? Well, here’s your chance to explore this coastal resort town in all its glory. Not only can you enjoy the sandy beaches lounging and swimming but you can take it up a notch by sand-sledding on the Red and White Dunes. Kiteboarding and wind surfing are also popular choices due to the strong breezes. Touted as one of the sunniest and friendliest places in Vietnam, Mui Ne is sure to become your go to sun and sand destination. The fastest way to get here is to fly to Dalat and cab it over to Mui Ne.


Yes, there is more to this nation than the awe-inspiring tombs of Siem Reap and you’ll be even more surprised to learn that we are talking about an island paradise. You can choose from a variety of exciting activities from swimming in waterfalls to trekking in lush jungles or just lazying about and enjoying sunbathing on pristine beaches. And although it’s a trek to get here (flight to Phnom Penh, bus-ride to Sihanoukville, ferry to Koh Rong) this will be one of those memorable vacations your family will talk about for years to come.


We’ve all heard of good old Batam but head a little farther south and you hit this piece of paradise. No need to fret over where to stay since Telunas Beach Resort is the island’s best and only bet. You can either get the Deluxe Rooms or if you absolutely feel the need for a balcony, opt for one of the luxurious Beach Chalets. None of them have air con but ceiling fans are sure to provide you with that much desired island breeze.


Quaint little village resorts surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches is what you will find here. If you’ve got slightly older kids they’ll insist on you staying at the treetops of course which are slightly pricier. You can either drive yourself or take a coach to Mersing Jetty and then ferry it over to Salang Beach. For those looking to save time, hop on a 1 hour flight and finish off your journey with a 45-minute bus or taxi ride.


This quiet piece of heaven always gets overshadowed by its siblings, party town Phuket and retreat central Koh Samui. Expect nothing less than crystal clear waters and soft as silk sand. Opt for nothing popular and enjoy everything spectacular. Take a short flight to Phuket and after an exciting speedboat ride (40 minutes), look forward to endless swims and lazy days.


Boracay may be the front runner when the Philippines is mentioned but Cebu is sure to leave you wowed as well. Although it’s a gruelling task to get there when you add the 3 hour 45 minute direct flight with the 20 minute cab ride and the 1 hour 15 minute ferry ride, you’ll see what all the fuss is about once you reach. We’re talking white sandy beaches and blue-green tinted waters as far as the eye can see. With all that time you’ll be spending in the water, the kids will probably be swimming like fish by the end of it all.



What is it about the mention of a cruise that makes one automatically think about fun, sun and relaxation? With boarding and disembarking consisting of little hassle, cute little cabins, some with their very own balconies and a wide range of yummy dining options, the Royal Caribbean cruise ships will have you making beautiful memories in no time. When you’re not visiting all the tourist sites on land, indulge in the numerous family friendly activities on board. Have a race with your little one on the running track at the top deck, enjoy the likes of an ice skating performance, swim in not one but many pools and whirlpools, shoot a few hoops, work on your swing shot, test out your rock climbing skills. We could go on and on and on but you probably want to get booking now!