Jump High, Touch the Sky

Do you ever wish there was an activity where your child’s gross motor skills, spatial awareness, agility, flexibility and coordination were all being developed simultaneously and….wait for it…your child was having fun doing so?  Let lightning strike and thunder clap while we introduce to you the wondrous world of…GYMNASTICS!  Granted you may have heard of the former, but we’ve saved your time and effort doing research and come up with a list ranging for tumbling toddlers and dedicated sportsters to future Olympic stars.


Power Kids Gym (Previously known as JWT Gym)

Even though the name has changed, nothing else has. It still remains one of the leaders in the children’s fitness industry. Power Kids promotes a range of fun and stimulating programmes for babies, toddlers, and school aged children up to 10 years. In addition to classes, this Gym offers an array of camp sessions and the opportunity to throw an “epic” and completely hassle free birthday party. Let the fun begin!


The Little Gym

Think Baby Boot Camp with one major difference – the shouting, stamping and screaming in the face antics are done by the kids instead of adults. At The Little Gym, kids ranging from 4 months to 12 years will find themselves crawling, somersaulting and landing handsprings all while learning to be well-coordinated and confident players.


My Gym

Winner of the US Parents’ Choice Awards time and again, My Gym will offer a unique and innovative visit to your children each time they visit their state of the art facility stocked with custom-made equipment. Classes are kept small in size so each child can benefit from individual attention. So whether your little one is 19 months or 8 years old, My Gym will win them over with coordinated exercises, structured games, introduction to gymnastics skills and overall fun, fun and more fun.


Gim Sports

So after your children have been introduced to the play part of gymnastics but are craving for a little more structure, head them over to Gim Sports where the fun become a bit more organized and the skill levels a bit more competitive. A member of the Singapore Gymnastics Association, Gim Sports is housed in a 5,000 sq. ft. fully air conditioned facility. Qualified instructors in a safe environment offer specially designed gymnastics courses. Vault, beam, floor, trampoline, they’re all yours for the taking. Grab and Go!


Prime Gymnastics Club

This is the place to go if your child has said, “I want to be a gymnast when I grow up”. Opened by parents of dedicated gymnasts, Prime Gymnastics Club is a non-profit organization where dedicated teams of highly qualified instructors develop aspiring gymnasts to elite competitive level in the country.