Run Hard, Play Hard

If summer camp for kids ever had a contest, sports camps would win the “Most Popular” category. It could very well have to do with the fact that there are just so many more of them to choose from including tennis, badminton, soccer, kayaking, golf and even trampoline! So before your breathing becomes heavy and eyelids start to droop from the burden of making a choice, why don’t we help you siphon out the best of the lot for the june holidays?


Singapore Canoe Federation

Singapore Canoe Federation conceptualised a program called Kid-in-a-Kayak for primary school kids to experience the fun of kayaking and develop an interest in other paddle sports. Certified and dedicated coaches will supervise the children as they learn to paddle, canoe, sprint, play canoe polo and just have a good time in general. Over the June holidays, they will be introducing a Learn to Kayak program for primary school children (ages 9-12) where kids can learn the basics of kayaking over a 3 day program.


BOUNCE (Tramp Camp)

BOUNCE is offering a 3 day Tramp Camp for kids aged 3 and above, who would like to bounce off the walls (no pun intended)! Kids will work on developing their aerial skills, play dodgeball, launch themselves into giant airbags and burn off that insatiable energy.


JSSL Football Club

JSSL truly epitomizes the love for football providing technical and tactical support and instruction where needed. Players are encouraged to have a competitive mindset but retain the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship. Seeing this, football buffs will really have a blast attending the 4-hour camp sessions during the summer holidays. Over a course of 5 days, kids of all levels and abilities are sure to take home a fun and engaging football experience.

ESPZEN Soccer School

ESPZEN Soccer School offers football training to kids 4 to 17 years old by highly qualified international coaches who have successfully blended an interactive training philosophy with a modern developmental curriculum. End result? Fun and efficient lessons! From 18 June – 10 August, kids can sign up for 5-day camps where they can learn a range of skills from becoming a deadly dribbler to improving their overall soccer ability. Free trials are on offer so you can try it before you buy it!

Cosmo United Football Academy (CUFA)

CUFA is a popular choice when it comes to football camps, especially during the summer holidays. Why? Because parents won’t have to stress about kids becoming dehydrated while running around in the strong summer sun as lessons are conducted in an air-conditioned hall at the Swiss Club. Enrol your kids (aged 3-16 years) for the 5-day camp where dedicated coaches will not only teach them essential football skills but also encourage them to showcase teamwork and make great friends.


Ignite Tennis Academy

Founder and Head Coach Jamie Wong is a household name in the Singaporean tennis scene and her enthusiasm and commitment to Ignite Tennis Academy is one of the reasons for its success. From 30 May-21 June, 3-day camp sessions are open for kids 5 years and above. Kids will be coached according to their experience through fun team games and challenges. Hurry and book your slot today because at its insanely affordable price of $220, spaces are sure to sell out fast.

Anyone for Tennis

Whether you are looking to introduce your kids to tennis or hone previous skills, the coaches at Anyone for Tennis are ready and trained to help you do just that. From 28 May-17 August, Anyone for Tennis will be running 5 day camps where over the course of 3 hours, kids who already play tennis can look forward to improving their game in a short period of time and kids who are complete beginners can expect to learn and play the game through fun games and interactive challenges.


This name is synonymous with developing world class tennis programs and providing the best tennis coaching services across the region. Savitar’s year round Junior Programmes are well sought after and their holiday camps are just as coveted. This summer, Savitar is holding a 4-day camp for kids aged 4-14 years. Groups will be put together in Mini, Development or Performance, according to appropriate level and age to ensure each player enjoys to the maximum!


Alpha Academy

Alpha Academy has world class badminton coaches who are ever ready to seek out each player’s potential. Whether your child is eager on one on one lessons or wants to enrol in a small group class, they will look forward to acquiring new skills and fine tuning old ones. During the summer, kids aged 4-19 can join a 5-day camp where trained coaches can help them to not only pick up the basic tools of the game, but emphasise offensive strategies and defensive tactics. Most importantly, players will be encouraged to enjoy and have fun!

Optimum Badminton Academy

With a name like Optimum Badminton Academy, you know you will get the best of the best. Motivated coaches are on-site throughout the year to help kids learn and improve their game. More importantly, its long-awaited June Holiday camp is back with a bang! Learn basic and advance techniques in a fun and interactive way. Even though sessions are held in 3 locations, spaces are limited so sign up today. Don’t forget to collect your free goodies when you do, including a training jersey and a shuttlecock keychain!


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