Learn to Talk the Talk

Language is a form of communication unlike any other. It enables people from halfway across the globe to acknowledge each other’s existence and become familiar with one another’s cultures. And now that it’s scientifically proven that children can learn multiple languages simultaneously, parents are more prone than ever to encourage their kids to pick up a second language or third for that matter. Diverse Singapore has an ever-ready range of language schools so whether you want your kids to perfect their English skills, learn to speak Mandarin like a native or become familiar with a European language, you can take your pick from our directory of language classes and language enrichment centres.




Jan & Elly English Language School

Jan & Elly English Language School offers phonic and writing classes for kids aged 4-12 years. Its teachers realise the importance of developing reading skills at an early age and work hard towards gearing their students to be voracious readers and meticulous writers.



The Alternative Story

The Alternative Story (TAS) specialises in English and Creative Writing for Primary School students. The educators at TAS believe that a child is naturally curious and loves to learn. They endeavor to create an environment where that curiosity is kindled, and a child will come to class loving to learn. In the process, the child will not just achieve high scores, but develop a thirst for knowledge that will follow them through their lives.



The Language Boutique

The Language Boutique provides personalized language courses at a location of your choice to suit your child’s skill level and needs. Their highly trained teachers offer English, Mandarin, Math, ESL, Group and Special Education classes. From providing support with homework, to working with school teachers or just teaching a new language, the Language Boutique has it all covered.



Writers Studio

In addition to providing English language training courses, instructors at Writer Studio help students become confident in the language through implementation of creative projects. Kids are encouraged to bring up their own unique creative writing styles. All things considered, this is an English enrichment centre unlike any other for here teachers award their students with points for good attitude toward learning which students can then redeem for prizes on the student portal. Education just got a whole lot more fun!




The Kumon Method which was developed by an innovative father to teach his son the ability to study “just right” has now become a learning method available in 49 countries around the world. Because Kumon promotes an independent self-study curriculum, the child is encouraged to study at their own pace, leaving little room for pressure and false progress. Qualified instructors are available to further advance the student’s formative learning abilities and study habits.



Julia Gabriel

Julia Gabriel Centre provides students from the ages of 6 months and above with a holistic environment wherein they can learn about language and the arts and enhance their communication skills via the mediums of voice, speech, language, music, movement, art, writing, performance, debate and visual media. Their Readers & Writers programme motivate kids towards successful reading and writing from Nursery 1 to Primary 6.



The Schooling Society

Qualified instructors will be able to help your kids become familiar with the subjects in a stress-free and encouraging environment. Although the centre has its own educational booklets, they are heavily influenced by the MOE curriculum so rest assured that your kids will be able to follow along effortlessly with their school subjects. With small classes consisting of 8-12 students, attention is given whenever it is required. All the classrooms are also equipped with the latest interactive SMART boards enabling your kids to learn effectively. Registration is open!






Whether you are looking to introduce your pre-schooler to the wonders of this language or want your primary-going kid to get some assistance with their Chinese homework, KidStartNow instructors are here to help. Usage of peer interaction and animated storybooks is encourage and methods like endless flashcards and rote learning is given a miss.The centre’s curriculum combines enthusiastic teachers, engaging digital media and fun games to ensure happy and motivated students.



Chengzhu Mandarin Centre

Chengzhu is a spin-off of the Mandarin programme at the Julia Gabriel Centre. In line with the Julia Gabriel philosophy, the programmes at Chengzhu also lay emphasis on the ‘fun’ factor in teaching the students Mandarin. They have playgroups starting at the age of 6 months as well as preschool programmes aimed at improving Mandarin skills and even a half day Mandarin Kindergarten programme for N1-K2 which provides a solid foundation in Mandarin.




Berries is the one of the most popular enrichment centers for learning Mandarin. They are known for their hands-on, interactive and multi sensory approach to teaching the language. Their lessons are in line with the MOE curriculum and focus on oral reading and listening comprehension. Their nursery program starts at the age of 3 and goes all the way up to Primary 6. Their popularity has lead to long waiting lists so plan ahead!



AOTU Language School

Founded by Dr. Sin Joo Ee, AOTU Language School has a unique set of teaching beliefs. Teachers are encouraged to begin a student’s learning process by educating them about the Chinese culture and people through storytelling, games and show and tell sessions. Keeping the child’s interest in mind, staff at AOTU do not pressure the child into learning the nitty gritty of the language right away. Just like its name AOTU which means “unevenness,” the school prides itself on taking an uneven path to success.



Beijing Language School

Beijing Language School offers a Chinese immersion program for Nursery and Kindergarten levels and Chinese enrichment classes for Primary 1 – Primary 6 students. They introduce the language to the students in a fun and engaging way through songs, games, arts & crafts and their ‘Speak Chinese Only’ environment. In Kindergarten, the students are taught Han Yu Pin Yin and how to construct simple Chinese sentences. The enrichment classes complement the MOE syllabus and help strengthen the students’ vocabulary and listening and comprehension skills. Each student’s progress is evaluated through weekly tests and mock examinations.





Alliance Francaise

This non-profit, French Language and cultural center offers French classes for children of all ages. Their Pre-Zouszous classes are parent-child classes which cater to toddlers aged 1-2. The Zouszous class for children aged 2-5 uses fun activities like arts & crafts, songs, dance, games and film to engage the young ones. They also offer holiday camps for children aged 5-10 where the kids are immersed into French language and culture through story-telling, theater, arts & craft, singing, dancing, yoga sessions, sports activities and other thematic workshops.



French Language Academy

French Language Academy offers French classes for children from the age of 6. Their small class settings and interactive and fun activities including role play, songs and arts & crafts, ensure that the children are enjoying themselves while learning a new language.



French Studio Language School

The French Studio makes learning French fun and enjoyable with activities such as crafts, games and songs and regular field trips to help put their language skills to use in real-life situations. They focus on conversation and listening before progressing to reading and writing. Their classes cater to children from the age of 3.






The Goethe-Institut in Singapore promotes and organizes events related to German culture, life and language and is hence the perfect spot to learn the language. They offer German language courses for children starting from the age of 7 and have courses from beginner to advanced levels. You can also arrange private lessons or exam preparation courses as needed.



EIS International

EIS International is a bilingual (Japanese/English) pre-school that falls under the EtonHouse International Education Group umbrella. They provide a strong foundation in both Japanese and English languages in their students starting from the age of 2 up to Kindergarten 2.



Las Lilas School

Las Lilas was the first school in Singapore dedicated to teaching the Spanish language and culture. Their interactive and lively classes include activities such as drama, arts and music for children to learn Spanish in an enjoyable way. They have classes beginning from the age of 2 onwards and also provide advanced certifications such as IB and IGCSE.