Technologists of Tomorrow

Computers have become essential to kids’ learning which is why it has become important to pick up the tools and skills necessary to learn programming for kids. Every year, a new robotics lab or a new coding studio breaks ground only emphasising that there is a lot of innovative material to be covered across STEM subjects and coding for kids. So as summer rolls around and you go shopping for a code camp, take a look below for some very cool options.



Kaesac Learning Centre 

Kaesac Learning Centre offers a range of enrichment programmes for kids 3-14 years. Its well-qualified staff work with the students according to their learning abilities and create an imaginative and motivating environment encouraging them to understand concepts thoroughly. From 28 May – 27 July, Kaesac will be holding STEM-based workshops for kids 7-14 years old including a Robotics Camp titled Robo Missions and a Coding Camp called Games Makers. Over the course of 4 half-day sessions, kids will be able engage in fun and challenging computer projects.

Holiday Programmes: STEM workshops, Robotics workshops, Coding workshops

Dates: 28 May – 27 July 2018




First Code Academy

Kids aged 4-15 years can choose from an array of workshops this summer including Scratch, Hopscotch, Python, Minecraft Modding, Android Apps Development and more. During the 1-week immersive holiday camp, students will learn to build mobile applications, games and hardware projects among other tech skills. There’s ScratchJr., 3D Minecraft Modding, Digital Making with Micro:bit, Introduction to Web Programming and many more options to choose from.

Holiday Programmes: Roblox, Scratch, Electric Dough, AppJamming, Cubetto, Micro:bit, Unity, Python, Minecraft & more

Dates: 28 May – 10 August



Photo Credit: The Brainery Code Facebook

The Brainery Code

The Brainery Code offers exciting and engaging robotics and coding programs for kids 4-16 years. From 28 May-21 June, The Brainery Code will be offering holiday workshops. Kids (9 years+) can join the 2-day Agricultural Revolution camp where they can learn how to build their own website and learn coding and robotics. 6-8 year olds can enroll in Toy Science camp where they will be able to learn the science that makes toys work using LEGO and SCRATCH coding. For those kids who want to pick up more in a short amount of time, they can add on Fast Track Python Coder and Scratch Coder programs as well.

Holiday Programmes: Robotics, Coding, Multimedia, Website Design and more

Dates: 28 May – 21 June





Its First Tech Maker March workshop includes themes such as SuperTech Kids (5-7 years), Creative Coder (8-15 years) and Robo Maker (8-15 years). The 3/5-day camp promises fun activities and challenges while teaching computational thinking and programming concepts. At the end, all kids will receive a Certificate of Completion to continue the required education programme.


Holiday Programmes: Super Tech Kids, Robo Maker, Creative Coder

Dates: 30 May – 22 June




Photo Credit: The Saturday Kids Facebook

Saturday Kids

Saturday Kids’ holiday workshops will engage kids 5-16 years in a range of fun and exciting projects while developing important problem solving skills. Beginners can enrol in either Curious Cubs: Explore the Wonders of Tech or Tiny Techies. Older kids can enrol in Start with Scratch: Adventures in Time, Become a Rock Star Code DJ or Robot Safari: Into the Wild World of Tech, amongst others, and have a go at assembling their own computers and coding music animations, or even building their own robot animals using robotics

Holiday Programmes: Curious Cubs, Start with Scratch, Rock Star Code DJ, Robot Safari & more

Dates: 28 May – 23 June




Photo Credit: Let ’em Play Facebook

Let’em Play – Robotics Lab

Let’em Play is Singapore’s newest edutainment hub offering a wide range of fun activities and programmes for both kids and adults, from an indoor playground with climbing walls and obstacle courses to a full-fledged Robotics Lab complete with innovative courses for kids 6-15 years old. 1.5 hour holiday specials are being offered from 4 June-20 June where specially crafted lesson plans will encourage kids to explore, experiment and think out of the box.

Holiday Programmes: Junior Bots, Discovery Bots, Champion Bots

Dates: 4-20 June



Photo credit: Computhink Facebook


RoboThinker Beginner (6+) is a gateway course to enter the exciting world of robotics and programming in fun and enjoyable way. Over the course of 4 days, kids will build, program and control Lego robots using code algorithms to make them come alive! ScratchThinker Beginner (8+) will help kids learn programming concepts, computational thinking and create a coding portfolio noting daily projects. PythonThinker Beginner (11+) is the next level for kids who are familiar with Scratch. Students will be able to practice Python in the Minecraft world and build foundational skills to use in real-world projects.

Holiday Programmes: Robotics, Scratch, Python

Dates: 26 May – 24 June