Tale as Old as Time

As the Singapore Heritage Festival kicks into high gear, get ready to trek with your little ones to inspirational events across designated areas in Bukit Pasoh, Caldecott and Little India. Introduce them to your childhood favorites and prepare them to soak in this little island’s love with food, architecture and arts.




Print and Go! By Matter Prints

Block printing was invented to record history. Today you see it on clothes, stationery, linen and whatever the artists can get their hands on. Parents and kids can enjoy this linocut workshop at the National Museum of Singapore together. While adults can learn about the intricacies of linocut, which is when a design is carved into a linoleum surface to create a negative mould, kids will be able to try their hand with ready-made stencils.

When: 6 May, 13 May from 1:30 – 5pm

Where: National Museum of Singapore

Price: Free!




Quan Zhou Puppetry Performance

Entertainment today is regularly associated with bright lights, audio visual nuances, animation and a whole lot more. Why not keep things simple and introduce your kids to a traditional string puppet show. Let them be entranced by the magic of storytelling and let their imagination run free by the sight of mere hand puppets.

When: 10 May various timings between 4 – 9pm

Where: 27 Bukit Pasoh Road

Price: Free!




An Afternoon with Inuka

If your child is tired of pretending to be a princess or superhero, introduce him to the exciting world of a polar bear keeper. Kids can not only enjoy Inuka the polar bear in his full glory at the Singapore zoo but also step into the shoes of polar bear keepers and learn how they provide a safe and entertaining environment for the fluffy beasts. Once they are done learning the ropes, kids can enjoy an icy treat as well. Now isn’t this the best way to chill?

When: 6, 7, 13, 14 May from 3:30 – 5:30pm

Where: Singapore Zoo

Price: $48 (excluding admission to the zoo)




Sav(our)ing Singapore’s Hawker Heritage by Chef Willin Low

Singapore offers a range of food options from decadent dishes at Michelin star restaurants to home cooked delights at coffee shops but let’s be honest, the quintessential Singaporean food stop is the Hawker Centre. If your kids don’t already love Chicken rice and satay, take them for a tour of our red dot’s local food history at the National Museum of Singapore. Join renowned Chef Willin Low as he shares the inspirations behind his dishes and his attempts at promoting Singapore’s hawker heritage. Be sure to stay till the end and enjoy some of Chef Willin’s delish delights.

When: 6 May from 2:30 – 4:30pm

Where: National Museum of Singapore

Price: $20 per person, $30 per pair




Bukit Pasoh Street Party: Experiencing Childhood Toys & Games

Parents today are well aware that their kids play very differently than they used to. If you are having difficulty explaining your childhood games to your little ones, take them along for a street party where you can introduce your favorites or better yet play along with them. Turn back time as street games like five stone, bamboo dragonfly, hopscotch and pick-up sticks come back with a bang. Show off your mad skills with glass marbles and wooden spinning tops and stand back with pride when they do the same.

When: 10 May from 5 – 6pm

Where: 25 Bukit Pasoh Road, Grassroots Book Room

Price: $10




Northern Lion Dance & Martial Arts Showcase

We know it’s not Chinese New Year but when is any child going to turn down watching a lion dance. Add a martial arts showcase by the Chin Woo Athletic Association, the oldest Chinese martial arts association in Singapore and kids will be hooked.

When: 10 May from 7:30-8pm

Where: Along Bukit Pasoh Road

Price: Free!