Camp Central

As December holidays are quietly slinking around the corner, parents are anxiously looking for options to keep little ones busy during the long, long, looooong days. There are the usual academic, sports and dance camps of course. But why not take them for a camp off the beaten track this year.


Love Yourself to the Moon and Back

Young kids are like sponges. They easily absorb everything around them, both good and bad. Holiday camps at The Open Centre are for a 1-5 day period where kids engage in various mental and physical activities to become stronger individuals. Parents, sign your daughters for the Girl Power camp. It is an all girls camp where they will get to experience the fun of sisterhood through mindfulness activities such as horse riding, pet therapy and yoga among others.


Born to Shine

Some kids just own the spotlight from day 1. Singapore Media Academy’s holiday courses cater to the likes of such. Bubbling Talents Starters is a 3-day journey where performing arts lovers will be able to hone their acting skills through voice projection and theatre games. Make learning Mandarin an exciting process by enrolling kids into the Fun with Mandarin course. Junior Radio Academy walks kids through the usage of radio equipment and content development. Little Reporters is offered both as an English and Chinese course teaching on-site reporting and talking in front of the camera.


The World is Your Oyster

Some kids are actors, some designers, others writers. Drama enables all these qualities to co-exist peacefully. Buds Theatre Company offers holiday camps where kids 3-16 can explore their various interests and passions surrounded by a highly certified support staff. Classes will enable participants to indulge in theatrical processes, acting classes, script writing, technical skills, and artistry all culminating in a performance created entirely by them.


Weiqi On, Weiqi Off

No, this is not a new Karate move by Mr. Miyagi. Having developed between 3,000-4,000 years ago in China, Weiqi can easily be called the oldest game still played in its truest form. A game slightly more complex than Chinese Chess, it is quickly gaining popularity, played by millions in Asia and thousands elsewhere. 5-day holiday courses are offered in Elementary, Intermediate A, Dan, and Kyu levels. Regular play is known to improve concentration, calculation, memory and creativity.


Welcome to Hogwarts Lah!

Ok so it’s not really Hogwarts but Singapore’s very own Magic Castle offers kids around the year basic and advanced lessons in fine-tuning their magic for maximum effectiveness. Kids can take group lessons with their classmates, friends or even parents. Participants will get the chance to learn several different magic routines including card and coin tricks, levitation, mind reading, metal bending and much more where that came from. Or did it? Wait for your Ah Ha moment!


Kids are always willing to try new and exciting adventures. This December let them take on the challenges of magic, Weiqi, drama, media and most importantly, themselves.