Optical Illusion Adventures

You know how people usually say don’t let your imagination get the best of you, well at the Trick Eye Museum they encourage you to let your imagination go wild.

Unlike other traditional museums, the Trick Eye Museum also encourages visitors to freely touch and interact with all the displayed exhibits.

This internationally renowned optical art museum from Korea showcases Augmented Reality (AR) bringing art installations and paintings in 6 themed zones to life.

Now we’re not talking just any old regular 3D material. With this technology embedded in the art pieces, visitors are able to completely immerse themselves with the thrilling sound, light and other effects that create realistic illusions and recreate the different settings into memorable photographs with your imagination.

Become a part of the artwork laid on the ground, ceiling and surrounding walls. Discover secrets in hidden spaces to unravel the mystery. Become friendly with the house ghosts and let fun overcome your fears as you enjoy all the spooky scenes.

Escape into fantasy as you ride a witch’s broomstick to a frozen winter wonderland with its very own mammoth. Parents let both your inner child and your actual children experience the thrilling circus-like activities all around.

There will be opportunities for you to be trapped inside a giant sea creature, ride atop an elephant, climb a bamboo stalk to the top, have tea with a rabbit in a suit, fly on a magic carpet, pose on a white winged horse, share a tadpole umbrella with a frog, swirl like a prima ballerina, fight a karate master and so much more. What more can we say? Get your cameras ready and start clicking away at the Trick Eye Museum!


Details on hours and venue can be found here.


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