Let’s Talk About SCIENCE

Science has made a comeback like nobody’s business. Schools today have fully embraced the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) teaching method, which intertwines Science with pretty much everything else. When you tie that up with kids’ natural curiosity, science appears time and again over the course of their education both in and out of school. So let the kids take what science they’ve learned in class and experiment with it in some of the most interesting science camps out there.


Mad Science

The name says it all. Sign up your future Chemists for their holiday camp called Che-mystry from December 12th-December 16th. Kids will engage in hands on chemical experimentation resulting in fascinating and unexpected results. Over the week, students will examine, analyse, extract, manipulate, create and solve countless chemical variations all in a safe venue under proper supervision. Let the madness begin!


Whiz Kids

Holiday camps here are filled with fun and creative science-based games carried out by certified instructors in supervised facilities complete with first aid gear on site. With names like Whiz Kidz of Oz, Dr. Who, Dr. Franky, Mission Impossible 2.5, Dr. Evil and Dr. Droid, there’s bound to be an imaginary environment where your kids can let their inner mad scientist go free!


Kids Discovery Works

As we mentioned before, science and engineering seem to be making a lethal combination and at Kid Discovery Works, children are able to revel in hands-on experiments and learning activities in their 2-3 day STEM camps. There’s Space Camp for aspiring astronauts, Once Upon a Time for fairy tale enthusiasts, Junior C.S.I. for crime solvers and Dinosaur Discovery for little paleontologists.


High Touch High Tech

For little kids aged 4-12 years, High Touch High Tech’s Science Discovery Holiday Camp is a great way to learn various scientific concepts both during hands on experimentation indoors and through creative science experiences outdoors. In addition to learning exciting science modules during camp hours, kids are also given take home science kits to dabble with at home. What’s more, at the end of their camp session, the budding scientists will be given a science certificate of participation.


Discovery Camps

Founded and run by a scientist with more than 40 years of experience, Discovery Camps takes children through science activities and simple projects, helping them understand what science is all about. During the winter holidays, kids can enroll in various sessions here including Sensing Science, Yippee Science, Rocket Science, Cool Science, Young Discoverers and many more. Get ready to channel their discovery senses into science mode.


Whoever says science is boring clearly hasn’t been to science camp in Singapore before.  These camps encourage imagination, creativity and experimentation in one go.