Code Your Way to the Future

Computational thinking, coding skills, design thinking, programming.

Technology today is not as simple as it used to be. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  With coding labs sprouting all across Singapore, make use of the holiday break to let your kids learn a new and useful skill. Encourage your kids to become part of the next big technology.


First Code Academy

First Code Academy

Kids aged 5-15 years can choose from an array of workshops including Scratch, Hopscotch, Python, 3D Minecraft Modding, Android Apps Development and more. During this 1-week immersive holiday camp, students will learn to build mobile applications, games and hardware projects among other tech skills. From March 13-March 17, NERD will have a new meaning: New. Exciting. Revolutionary. Digital.




In3LABS First Tech Maker March workshop includes exciting themes such as SuperTech Kids (5-7 years), Creative Coder (8-15 years) and Robo Maker (8-15 years). The 3/5-day camp promises fun activities and challenges while teaching computational thinking and programming concepts. Kids learn to take ownership of their work by presenting their final product with a demo. At the end, all the kids will receive a Certificate of Completion to continue their computer programming journey.


Saturday Kids

Saturday Kids’ holiday workshops engage kids 7-16 years in a range of fun and exciting projects while developing important problem solving skills. Beginners can enrol in either Introductory Scratch or littleBits Electronics x Design Thinking while experienced coders can advance to Python 1 for Kids which teaches text-based programming. For kids who can’t get enough of coding in a day, there’s the 2-day pass for its Code, Craft, & Hack! Best of Explorer Pass that gives access to 6 exciting workshops (mix and match or choose all).



Beginner Computhink for Kids (ages 7-9 years) is their gateway to enter the exciting world of programming in a fun and enjoyable way via Scratch. Over the course of 4 days, kids can develop the ability to think like a programmer and apply computational thinking concepts to create mini games or animations of their choice. Got any Minecraft-crazed kids? Enrol them in Minecraft Coding for Kids with Python and let them convert those endless hours of playing into learning new programming moves. Suitable for young programmers aged 12 and above, this course will help them create faster and build better using newly acquired Python skills.


Loshberry Code Studio

At Loshberry’s signature Coding Discovery Camp, kids will be encouraged to learn the fundamentals of computational thinking and coding through a unique blend of physical and on-screen activities over a 5-day period. For kids between 7-9 years, there’s Junior Coders where they will discover the connection between the digital and physical world by making friends with a tiny robot (Ozobot). Intermediate Coders (aged 10-12) will learn to code the brains that control smart devices and discover the creative design process behind them