Have a MARVELous time At The ArtScience Museum

It’s astounding to see how just ONE picture house has managed to create 19 superhero-centered films which have gone on to become worldwide phenomena. It is a MARVEL indeed! And Art Science Museum has taken it upon itself to show the little Red Dot what all these heroes are about. Enjoy your very own personal presentation from each superhero and get a unique perspective of their world and their war. Cutting-edge technology is clearly the front-runner in this highly interactive and visually stunning exhibition using state-of-the-art AV and immersive media. Covering Iron Man to Thor and Black Panther to Guardians of the Galaxy be prepared to find engaging displays, interactive installations, immersive installations and sneak peaks into all things Marvel if you’re looking for a fun family activity with the kids!

Get up close and personal with Iron Man as you see him soar one second, strike the next and even have time to pose while doing so.

Say HI to Baby Groot!

Put on your best “the world is coming to an end face” as you pose in front of Dr. Strange

Pretend you are in Wakanda as you strike a fearless pose under a massive Panther statue

Open your very own time loop

Kids will enjoy the interactive features of the exhibition like the teleport hole and dancing with Groot!


Marvel Studios: Ten Year of Heroes

ArtScience Museum

9 June to 30 September 2018


Adult: $19 (Singapore Resident: $16)

Child: $14 (Singapore Resident: $12)